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Montfort brothers are terminating the contract with BHEL

Subject: Montfort brothers are terminating the contract with BHEL
Montfort brothers are terminating the contract with BHEL from this academic year (2006). They have sent the letter according to the contract serving 3 months notice. They are opening a school in Kattur (CBSE affiliated) from grade 1 to grade 5. RSK School will continue with a different management.

News from BHEL Management, Parent -Teachers Association
Swathika (
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Subject: RSK where do we go from here
I am delighted to read about our school. Sitting in Trichy I have my association with school is on a weekly basis what with my children studying there.
I am writing to you in the context of some sad happenings at RSK. The current ED of BHEL cast aspersions on the integrity of the brothers. It was sad that he chose to speak in a manner not befitting to his
stature. The brothers have decided to leave RSK with this academic Year. I know that this will be shocking to all of you but it is true. I am trying my best to salvage the situation. Just for the info of all RSKites.

B V Ramanan 1976 batch (mythilybv(at)

Date: Tue 03 Jan 2006 03:30:55 AM EST
Subject: The Unsung Heroes
I was been a boarder and a student of RSK from 1972 till 1981. And as a boarder I had spent more quality time with the brothers who ran both the school and the boarding. I consider the time that I spent in this great institution has molded me into a well rounded personality. This transformation would not have materialized without the efforts of the brothers and it was their guidance that had made me to rediscover my potentials, and stand tall in facing world. Like me there are tens and thousand of them who had graduated from this institution are now serving the world with pride and confidence. Why now after all these years of parenting this institution with dedication and sacrifice, these brothers be called off. I did visit India and the school in oct 2003, and I felt the same amount of dedication by the brothers as my time. Many would agree with me that they are unsung heroes. Truly in our hearts of heart we know what we have gained from these brother and to understand these experience one should have been a student at RSK. No outsider can feel the same degree compassion as we are all do. No final verdict of discharging these brothers should ever be brought without consulting the students of RSK. They know better what is best for their future and who can care for them the most.

Sivamani Muru (c_vaa007(at)

I belong 1988 batch and my name is Sujatha. I felt really really upset when I heard about the fact that the Monfort brothers are terminating their contract. Nobody could deny the fact that we are facing todays world with much confidence and pride is because of the way the brothers had mentored us. and I always think about our motto "Be Just and Fear Not". I am currently in U.S working for citigroup as a Project Manager, My supervisor who is the corporate head of citigroup at NewYork use to appreciate my dedication towards work. Whenever anybody appreciates me, I immediately think of the brothers of R.S.K , I feel without thier teachings I would not have reached where I am now. I defintely agree that they are unsung heros in all our hearts.
I think all the parents also feels the same way and they have to request B.H.E.L management not to accept the termination.

Sujatha (sujathapmi(at) 

I couldn't agree more to Ms Sujatha. I belong to the 1998 batch and currently an IT consultant for National Grid UK. I have over 20 people working for me in various ares of computing and business analysis not only from UK but also guys from leading IT giants like WIPRO and TCS. Even though, there are a lot of experienced personnel in the team, the senior management of the group gave me the lead role perdominantly because of my methods in problem solving and managing people. RSK and Montfort brothers deserve credit for the aforementioned. Like Ms Sujatha, the motto "Be just and Fear Not" is carved in my heart and whenever I face problems this is the only line that helped me think with clarity.
It is indeed pathetic that the reigning Executive Director's applesauce has not only cost the future of the kids studying at RSK but also the pride of BHEL Trichy itself. I can't think of a better team to mentor the RSKites. A solution can be arrived through escalating the issue to BHEL headquarters. This I am sure is possible through the parent teacher association.
I don't know how big is the issue but expressing regret alone will not prevent the imminent misfortune. At this juncture, I feel that we alumni should try to prevent the changeover of the management. We have come together at numerous circumstances and this is much fierce and different to those we have seen. It is vital to pool in our strength and influence to pull as many strings as possible in the BHEL management to prevent the fiasco. I feel that the influence from directorate level of BHEL can be effective. Since this issue reflects badly on the corporate governance of the group itself, I am sure the senior management of the organization will consider the issue. I look forward to your opinion.

Raghunathan Balasubramanian (raghunathanece(at)  

Hello RSKites,
I am Swathika Anandan, from the batch of 1999. I think we are being hasty in accusing the corporate.
We do not know the exact story. I gave the information from the BHEL side since my dad is in close association with the decision making committee. There are few other issues...for example, What are the Montfort brothers going to do with the currently employed teachers?
Are they going to absorb them in the new school (grade 1 to grade 5)? or are they going to leave them at the mercy of the new management?
It is sad to note that Montfort Brothers will be giving away RSK to a new group of people.
How many of us know that the construction for the new school was begun long time ago?
I strongly object to the accusations, as there is more involved than that meets the eye.

Swathika (

Hi everyone,
Being in trichy and seeing things happening i feel that there is not much to blame with the brothers and i also visited the site where the newly proposed Monfort School is coming up and work has began in full earnest only over the last few eeks and i personally feel that the buildings may not be completed before the start of the next academic year. Had the brothers planned in advance to leave the school they could have done much better with the new school
Daniel (
I am part of 1992 batch. I agree with Swathika. This is not something that started a couple of days back. It has been brewing for sometime.
In 1990, there was a fees increase in the school. I am not here to comment on the increase, but I am aware of the issues of why this increase happened. My gut feeling is this change could be for the same reasons as back then.
You are all aware that BHEL subsidises the education in the school. They have been having some autonomy & oversight issues for quite sometime.
Before we get all excited, we should let people like Daniel and Swathika give us the other side of the story. They seem to be aware of the issues at heart.
Srinivas (
Dear All,
I think its a tricky situation. Brotherrs of Monfort are like GODS to me and to many. I was also a boarder for a brief time and can never forget Bro.Paddy.
But as time passes changes happen in life and I think we need to accept the same. One can never know the exact problems and our respect for Monfort Brothers will never fade. We can fight out the situations but BHEL is a giant and subsides most of the expense.
Can any one give E-Mail ID of BHEL ED, so that we all send our protest mail. I think (HI Ramanan) Mr.B.V.Ramanan can provide this detail.

Ashok (subba_ksa(at)

Hi All
I too am indebted to RSK for a good grooming and exposure to many things... my brother as well as I did our entire schooling at RSK... however, while I say I am grateful to the school... I mean more the teachers who spent quality time with us rather than the brothers...
For a fact, I know that some of the brothers were indeed into some acts that are objectionable given their stature and 'brotherhood'. True, there were others who were really good but I shall not class them all as wonderful.... The reason the school consistently provided good education and grooming to students is mainly due to the wonderful teachers who have been with RSK for ages... Rajagopal, DKPN, Lloyd, PJ, Getsy, Nirmala, Rajkumar, Soosai Michael, Sowrirajan to name a few... not to mention the Primary and Junior school teachers who we all tend to forget... sad but memory of those days are not as strong...
I don't think BHEL would play foul with an institution such as RSK... there must be more to it than meets the eye... we may never know the true picture since we are not in the frame of things... maybe the OSA can get us more information but till then I am inclined not to take sides with either the brothers or the management.

M R (ramakrishnanmr(at)

Hello Rskites,
This is in reply to Mr.Ashok's posting:
I think emailing the ED is not the way of protesting or showing our concern for the things happening in our school right now. We should know the full facts before sending a mail to a higher authority.
We ought to take the facts, analyse and act.
If we rush in and send a protest mail, it looks like the alumni doesn't want to hear the complete story but end up taking a wrong decision. The land which was purchased at a stone throw distance from our school was definitely a cue for things that are happening.
Since the alumni has taken this issue seriously, I shall get back with authentic facts from BHEL, and if someone can volunteer to discuss with the Principal to get the facts from their end, in order to create an awareness about the real situation and understand from when this has been going on.
Many of us are away from Trichy and are unable to participate completely. Neither am I here to take sides, my fervent request is that we give more thought before we proceed.
My personal feeling in this issue is, that things have gone out of our hands, as the Brothers have decided on what they want to do without which the construction wouldnt have begun, and also the notice they submitted to the BHEL has forced BHEL to look for options to take care of the students academics which is one of the most important concerns in this issue.

Swathika Anandan
Batch of 1999 (

Dear friends, fellow rskites,
I graduated from RSK in 1970 after 4 years there, as a student, a boarding student, from its earliest days. I lived, ate, slept and had rsk as my home for 4 years, and Rev Bro Camillous was principal, the founder, during our days there. It was the 3 rd batch to graduate, and I was fortunate to be there, when we had the first class graduating.
While being out of the loop for a while, I have always had strong ties to RSK, and am a life long supporter of all it stands for, and will continue to be so. On getting online, yesterday, I came to realize the changes / challenges happening there at RSK, and am concerned, interested to be involved, and would like the website, to post information on the management issue, from both the school authorities, and the BHEL Board or who ever is planning to take over the school. This should be the official communication going out to the alumni.
I suggest, and move a motion, through thisa forum, thst" We alumni resolve that we shall be fully involved in the future of the school, and that the management must involve atleast 3 members of the alumni, on its management board of directors". I am willing, eager and able to contribute, and be fully involved in organizing what ever is necessary, to assist the school, through the alumni network, in taking the great school, to the next level, and making it one of the best schools in the world. Yes, not just in India, which it is, rather, one of the best and best known in the world.
Dear alumni, please get in touch with me. My academic record after RSK is:
Kasturba Medical College, Manipal, MBBS, 1978
Pace University, New York, NY, USA, MBA International Business.
I currently live in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, and am actively involved in matters in India, particularly in areas of higher education, tourism and public health.

Dr George Joseph Themplangad

dear rskites...
im manoj.. belongs to 2004 batch.. currently the joint secratary of o s a.... we guys over here actually wanted to do something regarding this shift of management.... most of us over here thinks that ..if the management is shifted things will get worse... I read the opinioun of various rskites... most of them doesn't like this shift.. (me too). i need ur advices .. wat to do nxt..? also many r worried about the state of our teachers and the support which will be given to o s a by the management.....till now our batch have never talked abt this to current principal...but few teachers felt very bad about this shift ..and asked us wat u r going to do regarding this......i need suggestions from u... do send plz.. im sure that things which u suggest
will be done immediately....

manoj (mano_trader2k(at)

I fully endorse the view of Swathika, emotional outburst is of no use. WE as aluminis' must show our maturity and not behave irrationally. It appears we are coming to conclusion not knowing facts or reality. It is not in the interest of Alumini to show protest in any form what so ever. On the contrary we must show empathy, maturity and facilitate what ever is good for the future student community. It may so happen we need to support two school one run by BHEL and one started by Monfort brothers.
To be very honest we have derived the benefits from both BHEL and Monfort brothers... under such circumstances we should be more rational in our approach.

Good luck to all
Bala (

Dear RSK Alumni,
This is Ramanathan (class of 1991).
I agree with Dr. George that the Alumni should be given an opportunity to voice their opinion.
I have studied in various educational institutions in India, and did my last 2 years of schooling in RSK. I should remark here that RSK alumni is the most active alumni of all, and the topics discussed are of the highest calibre. This is a clear reflection of the great individuals and minds that are part of the alumni, and the wonderful school, teachers (of which Montfort Brothers are a big part) and infrastructure that nourished and shaped all these great minds.
Now that we are living in a 'connected broadband' world, the alumni should be able to play an active role in the happenings of the school, though we are miles away from RSK. We have already established that this system can work, by our timely help to Veeriyan sir and Chellapillai Sir. Swathika has volunteered to collect detailed information from the BHEL management side and provide it to the alumni, we should commend her efforts.
If some one from the OSA can get detailed information from the Brothers and provide it to the alumni, it will help the alumni to:
- have a well informed discussion
- if needed create a polling on the rsk web site
- reach a consensus and voice our opinion to the BHEL management

Best regards,
Ramanathan M (m_rams(at)
(class of 1991) San Diego, CA.

Subject: EMOTIONS the killer - Emotions should not rule us :).
Dear All,
There seem to be too much of commotion about a very simple issue :).
There are two parties who are not able to see benefit in a relationship. So they decide to part.
Now we are like children of divorced parents, now what do we do?. First OSA as a organization does not have any say in the affairs of the school or has any stature in bring the parties on to the table for discussion . If we have some influential people in the group who have good relationship with both the parties we should get into the act of mediating and bring the parties onto the table but to be hones I don't see this possible for the following reasons :
1.The model on which RSK seem to be running could be a unique model as generally when I see around me I see all the Christian institution being owned and run by brother in an autonomous and independent manner. Given that I am not sure they will like to be "managed" by BHEL. This does not fit well.
2.Then why did the brother agree in the first place, the reasons we state could only be speculative so we should drop the speculation. But during a resent discussion with one of the very senior ED's of BHEL( retired) I could feel that the then BHEL management had persuaded the Brothers to come in.
3.Now why do they want to leave they could have found a suitable alternative. Which gives them the freedom to work as they wish to do.
4.BHEL – It is an organization and they would feel that no one is indispensable. More so there are many insinuation which will come forward in managing the school. Given the situation that the school is well established and in the current scenario there are many many private players who do a good job unlike the period starting 1964 when Christian institution where the best.
My feeling is both of them should amicably setting the issue either being together or parting. For there is no doubt that Brothers contributed (directly to us ) and BHEL contributed to us ( indirectly) so we owe to BHEL as much as we owe to RSK .
I only feel one thing we should support the Brothers as they are an institution who have contributed to us directly and continue to contribute to the society. In case they beside to move out we should contribute to extend our support to then ( in case they need the support ) and ensure that there contribution to the community continues. I would expect the same from BHEL as well towards the brothers as they have serviced there community well, so a parting gift will make the parting better.
More so I wish that the new institution continues to hold our flag, our houses and our school songs. This I think is the request we should make to the ED. And we should also continue with all our programs we have been doing for the school like OSCAR ( and to the new institution the brothers create) and so on.
Protest mail to ED is not required for it will make the situation bad .

With warm regards,
S Ranganathan (sambasivam(at)
1983 batch

Hi All,
While this is a shocking news indeed, I agree with what Swathika and many others have said - that we should actually give a hearing to both the sides. We should not be blinded by emotions. And, I think the oncoming Reunion this Sunday, Jan 15th would be a great forum and opportunity for our alumni to bring this issue up. I request all those who can travel to the School this Sunday to be available at the Reunion and try to get an idea of what is happening. I think that that would be a nice place to start, although I get a feeling that it might just be a touch too late.
We now also need to concentrate on where our loyalties lie, if you ask me. Is it for RSK as the School? Or, is it for the Montfort Brothers who managed the School called RSK so far? I think that is an interesting topic as well. Would we still be interested in doing things for School? Forget the great past, how is the alumni's association with the School going to be in future? By raising a 'pitched battle' against the BHEL Management trying to reverse a decision that at the moment seems irreversible, are we actually alienating the Old Student community from the proposed new management?
Also, the OSA and its office bearers are a set of College Students, in their III and IV year of College. I do not think these people are going to find it within their capability to try to understand the situation and paint the right picture, given their experience and other commitments. So, expecting them to do this task for us is a bit too much. >Moreover, expecting to have alumni on board the management board is also expecting things too much. I do not think even the alumni has the bandwidth to do this, considering that it is a huge responsibility and that there is always more to things than what meet the eye.
Personally, I feel it is a huge loss, and we all know how things have gone in the past. But, I feel we should continue to work towards building the image of the alumni in the eyes of the School. It has not been among the best for a while...

Thanks and Regards,
Vijay (vijay_premkumar(at)
(Class of 96)

Dear rskites,
Almost within a dozen hours of my posting the note, regards alumni involvement, in the future management of RSK, I got an email from an alumni of RSK, from its very first batch, even while he is travelling currently in China on business. That is in itself a testimony of quick and efficient response and our opportunity to use the net to take RSK, to the next level.
I have requested him, as he is going to be briefly in India, to see if he can visit RSK and BHEL and give us the alumni, a fair and uptodate report on the status. He is a US based person.
Meanwhile, I repeat my request again, that the webmaster take initiative to post current correspondance between Management of School, namely the brothers and BHEL administration. Do this as a freedom of information matter, so that we can all become aware of current and correct realities.
If the ED at BHEL who is supposed to have said something, unpalatable, caused this other shoe to fall now, can we have the text of his comments posted on the web please. I repeat, that we alumni ought to have 3 seats on the new Board that assumes the school management, and we must become active proponents of what we have been taught. To act in such a manner that we are "Just and fearless" is our challenge. In keeping with our motto of "Be just and Fear Not", given where India is headed, in this The Asian century, we r(i)skites have to live by our principles.
Is there a political dimension to the situation ?
Is it a matter of any religious differences or opinion ?
Is it ignorance or vested interest at play ?
What is the truth ?
Can we have historical facts/records online ?
What are the options?
WHo are the one's calling the shots ?
What is the role of the PT association ?
Is there a financial angle to the matter ? How much ? What ?
Is there a bid option to take over the school management ?
Looking forward to hear from all and anyone

Dr George Joseph Themplangad

Hi All
This is Linus, & I did my last 2 years of school life at RSK (2001 batch).I believe its the responsibility of BHEL to have the Montford brothers stay.
If not, for the Brothers RSK wouldn't have been anything more than a 'Boiler Plant' school ("boys high school", sorry abt the comparison). Our parents probably wouldnt have put us in RSK or probably we wont be in where we are now.
During the college days, I have spoken to the then princi John Berkman, who used to say that since BHEL is forcing them to collect subsidised fee from BHEL-students it was difficult to manage. So I guess its been an issue since long time. Dont you guys remember, the fee that was colletced from us? just a few hundreds. And think of the fee collected at schools like Campion etc!!
The school is functioning for the benefit of BHEL student. BHEL should understand this. Since Brothers have been doing a good job, i believe they should make a compromise rather than playing it hard on the brothers.
Suppose you want something good, you need to work for it, you need to ask others help. If BHEL wants the students to do well, they have to compromise on certain things!

Linus (c.linus(at)

Subject: Management Change
Would like to place my humble opinion before all of you.
Whatever I write below is based on facts seen on email over the last 2 days.I have not heard about it from anyone in Trichy.
It is indeed unfortunate that Monfort Bros have decided to leave(if this were true) RSK. However,we should not let down BHEL at any cost.This school was started by them and definitely they would not like to put it down at any cost esp when many of their employees' children are still studying in the school.
If ever there is a school started by Mon. Bros at Kattur,it would have been a planned affair over some months/years and not have been decided over just the ED's comments. Hence, let us all pray that an amicable solution arises over the whole affair. Secondly, let the welfare of the Present Teachers and Students be protected as well as the Retired Teachers and Old Students.

Warm regards,
Srinivasan (1983 Batch)

Subject: A suggestion to OSA
I guess you would have to just not do anything from your side at the moment. I still stick to the same stand as I made in my previous post - I am not sure you guys will comprehend the gravity of the situation, given the many other commitments that you already have. So, please do the following, at least for the immediate future -
1) Do not look like you are taking sides. To anybody!
2) Be very careful in your approach. Any action of yours, personally, will be seen as an action by the OSA, especially from Office Bearers. We do not want to be seen sending the wrong signals.
3) When teachers talk to you about this, just do not give your opinion on the matter. You still are pretty inexperienced with the actual outside world!
4) Also, when teachers or anyone talks to you about this, please state that the matter is being looked into by Senior members of the alumni.
5) I am not sure that at this moment there is anything that you guys could do about this. We have some pretty senior members who are working on this matter, like Ramaman, and it is best we let them handle it.
6) Let us not panic. It is not the end of the world. Something shocking has happened. But, when two organisations that do not see eye to eye decide to part ways, it would be difficult trying to get the relationship back on track, with bruised egos (most probably). And, let us hope that BHEL would not let the School down, especially with so many of their wards studying there.
7) We need to walk a thin and fine line - we should not be seen leaning towards one way or the other! It is best to leave it to the Seniors to do this tough act! We are having a number of people coming up with updates...
8) During the Reunion, let this not be raised in public, but by senior alumni privately with the Principal. Not all clothes need to be washed in public! I wish I were there for the Reunion, but unfortunately I would not be able to join you this time. I hope the others agree with what I have said. If there is a different version or option, please let me know.

Thanks and Regards,
Vijay (vijay_premkumar(at) (Class of 96)

Subject: teachers
now that we have entered the post-monford-rsk era, we need to analyze stuff here.
what makes rsk unique?
1.excellent teachers
2.teaching policies that gave more importance to learning than cramming and getting marks. for example, LDA
As long as the above are maintained/enhanced irrespective of the management things will be fine.
we need the answers for the following questions:
what is the contractual obligation of bhel towards the teachers?
who will manage rsk now?
Will bhel involove in policy decisions? or will continue giving autonomy to the mgmt team?
will bhel include rsk alumni's ideas in deciding the furture course of actions?
if bhel has chosan another mgmt what are their policies?
we should not allow nostalgia to decide the course of our actions. we are indebted to the brothers. but right now the priority is atleast to keep the status quo of our school's edu policies intact during this transition.this might even give us a window to put in our thoughts to enhance rsk's edu policies

arvind 98 (

Hi Alumni,
Happy New Year!! Wish you the very best in 2006.
I am very happy to read such clear and clean exchange of ideas on this sensitive issue amongst us. It is wonderful to note that though we might be miles away, we feel an urge to meaningfully involve ourselves in what might truly be beyond our control.
In the past, help was requested. And, we opened our hearts to support!! In this situation, we have not yet been requested to help!! In my experience, it would be unfair and worthless to offer/impose once's office when it has not been called for.
Secondly, we may not want to assume that the 2 parties have not tried hard enough to reconcile their differences. Outwardly, it has been a wonderful alliance that has benefited both parties very well. If they chose to break up, there must be many good reasons, some of which would be better left unrecorded!! They may breakup today. They may get back together tomorrow (Its the political reality in India:-)!!)
We feel allegiance towards our teachers. We want to help them in their hour of need. Some of them have left but the school has continued to flourish. In this case, we may be losing what has quite been RSK's backbone. No wonder, we feel such withdrawal symptoms!! I intuitively cringe on the thought of our school functioning without the brothers. Intellectually though, I know that things will be OK. If BHEL's then ED made a great decision to bring in the Montfort Brothers, I am confident that the current ED will do just as well or better.
We all agree that Montfort Brother did wonders with RSK. Maybe, their leaving is actually a really, good thing!! I only wish it had happened earlier. Don't you think our country needs more schools of the calibre of RSK??!! Can you see the silver lining?

Ganapathy (

Dear friends,
Wish you all a Happy New Year and Happy Pongal. I just read some of the emails on the changes happening with the management of our school. Though I would have loved to participate in this discussion
at the re-union, the date set does not suit me as that day being the Maattu Pongal, I have commitments at my village. That being the case, I like to share my thoughts through this email. I see a few situations through which we could channelize our resources as Old students. Let me take it case by case.
Situation 1: Keeping the status quo of the management.
With the emails that I have read I could sense a gist of what is happening but not necessarily the entire background of the issue. That in itself brings to one conclusion. For maintaining the status quo, where the Monfort brothers run the school with the support of the BHEL management, what we need is at least three persons amongst ourselves who are very good at negotiating. The negotiating team, understanding and being able to relate that they are dealing with mature institutions having their own agendas, value systems, egos, decision making processes, pitfalls and so on, should bring the two parties to table and make them able to see and feel with conviction that their own co-existence only has made their brain child, the great institution RSK, to what it is now and what it is worth in the eyes of the students, parents and the public.
This is certainly a time and energy consuming process for the negotiating team, who should be able to spend quality time on fact gathering, meetings, on liaison works and make mature decisions.
Situation 2: Going with the current decisions of BHEL and Monfort brothers. There are two dimensions where I see our participation in both.
Dimension 1: Helping the BHEL team on setting up the new management of the school. A matter of fact is that BHEL is an industrial organization and their management’s core focus would be their industry. While in no way undermining their commitment to support an educational institution for their own wards, it is still a fact that by themselves they do not have the resources to run the day-today show of managing an institution like RSK. I believe they also understand this. So, this is a beautiful entry point for us. Help the BHEL team to put the right management in place for RSK. I think we all agree that only with a good and open management to run the school, even the best of our teachers can groom the students independently. I salute to all the people at school who made us what we are now and for making the school a very good one. That said, with my current experience, I now know that it is not the best. I cannot but agree the great and virtuous mind that time and again the RSK institution has delivered to this society, but I am also well aware that there are certainly an equal number who came out of the same school and are still on the streets trying to sell that one credit card or cell phone card, not being exposed of any other alternative and self-employment works.
How many of us can go and confidently repair that leaky community water pipe or fix an electrical wiring or do a simple carpentry work at home? While being a student, could we have provided the first aid and knowledgeable primary care for an accident victim? We had fun in the lab on how Calcium Carbonate and Water produces Calcium Hydroxide, but an exposure and training to simple Lime stone manufacturing process that costs less than Rs. 5000 would have generated an annual household income. No, I am not trying to ridicule or put forward a new curriculum, but what I see is an opportunity for us to create a working management team consisting of the industry (which we already have), educationalists, alumnus, teachers, parents and students. There are so many nice models of well run schools that many of us would have seen and been exposed within and outside India.
Schools which not only produce great technocrats, medicos, leaders but also that focuses on job skill development, community development during formative years. With our collective solution, we should be able to go, present and convince the BHEL management team of a new management model for RSK, which can take the school and the students to even greater heights.
Dimension 2: Helping the Monfort brothers in their effort with the new school Most of us agree that the Brothers have played a vital role in shaping us, by their direct management and also by creating a great teacher community for us. I think this came because of their strong commitment and history in nurturing and providing education. They have among themselves some of the best minds in the education community, both as teachers and managers. This being the case, I have the least iota of doubt of the Brothers creating another great institution in their new effort. Not only as a sign of our gratitude to the Brothers, but also in the success of their effort, I think we go forward and lend whatever support that they need from us now.
Personally, while I will pitch in my support with discussions through email & phone and some in-person time (if planned ahead), I am limited due to my commitment with rural community development. I will try to make it to the school some time next week. I mostly stay in the village near Trichy but do shunt to Trichy town for my works. My mobility is only by bus and accessibility is only when in town.
Please do feel free to call me at 94449 12672.

Yours truly
Batch of '91 (

Subject: R(i)SK analysis and strategic plan
Hi R(i)skites,
Greetings, and thanks to the numerous postings on the matter under current discussion, management shift at RSK.
As an alumni, and a senior one at that, let me make it very clear that any and all suggestions, I am putting forth, are one's that in consultation with all alumni through this network, and thus by collaboration with and through all alumni, is the virtual and real alumni at work. We are willing, able and ready, to enter into any and all formal negotiation for future development, on all matters RSK related. We are open to meet with and be an intermediary in any way with the two entities, namely current management, the Monfort Brothers of St Gabriel, and BHEL . The teachers must also be protected, and their collective views and opinions must be taken into consideration, as also that of the PT association.
We the alumni are the product of their actions, ( BHEL & Montfort Brothers RSK School Management,) as the children, in this divorce, if we want to be that far fetched. In any case, to me it sounds like a seperation and anything is possible, in this settlement. I am not opposed to a divorce, if that is what has been determined, as the right thing. However, as in all such situations, details and clarity is essential. I request, those who are at the scene, to provide those who are keen to be involved and away, with answers to querries. As posted herein.
I am open minded on matters, and do want to state that, we alumni must reconstitute as we meet for this reunion, over the weekend. We can do some of it online, and some of it onsite, as those who can attend, the reunion do so in reality.
With technology being what it is, I am sure, the webmaster and others involved herein, can ensure that some of the discussions are organized, such that virtual participation is possible from anywhere, so that the re-union becomes truely golbal and virtual, as well as meaningful and productive.
I am keeping current on matters, as emails arrive through this forum, and I request, that each of us, who are online, request all of our RSK alumni friends, to sign up and be active on the net, so that we get as many and all preferably online, in due course.
There was a comment about the current OSA office bearers being junior and inexperianced on matters of life on a more worldly scene. While that is true, in some ways, I encourage Manoj and other office bearers, to read all emails in detail, and represent the whole body of alumni, knowing that you have our backing, and we will follow through on any meaningful, purposeful and definitive agreements, you enter into, based on what you read here.
Get as much and all information out in the open, on the net and let us not jump to any conclusions. We will keep an open mind, and be what we have been taught to do. Just fearless, Yes, correct usage would be "Just & Fearless", as our English langauage teachers will tell us.
When I suggested, that 3 alumni must be on the Board of Directors of the school, I was serious, and I think, it is a very realistic goal to achieve. However, we need to know current status. Yes, I am also open to knowing more about the role a new and re-constituted alumni organization can play, in the future management of the school. If we are able to put in a bid, for the opportunity to manage the school, and if it is an open and competitive bidding process, I am keen to bring a steller management team, and resources to make it happen. We RSK can be among the best school in the world, and certainly a world wide known institution. I am 100 % confident about it, and we can do it in collaboration with BHEL, Montfort Brothers and who ever may be any other bidding group, interested in managing the great institution.
For the record, let me also inform that I have been involved in linking institutions internationaly, particularly with institutions in India with one's overseas. This has involved institutions of the league such as IIM and medical colleges of international reputations based in India. I am currently involved in negotations and efforts to bring a major and leading world renouned institution to India. It may be a unique opportunity for us to bring that into an alliance with RSK and BHEL. through this alumni body, we constitute.
Yesterday was a pivotal day, in our history, India's that is, a great day in all our lives, even if we fail to recognize it fully..... January 9 th, the day Mahatma Gandhi returned to India, in 1915 after spending a quarter century overseas. To bring us freedom, rights, liberty and justice. Did he do it by being just and fearless ? You bet. What a glorious accomplishment, he did it for all of us, for by his education, determination and return to roots, he transformed the world...
Over 100 countries have become free and are moving towrds being deomcracies, on account of him and his followers such as Pandit Jawarharlal Nehru and others. What we have is a simillar unique challenge and opportunity. "To return to our roots", our basis for being who we are, to live the education we recieved, to ensure that we provide that same quality and even better education to the millions of our fellow human beings, who have not had that opportunity.
Friends, education is the key, and that is the key we R(i)skites must use to transform the world. We can do so, out there in the real world, only if we are upto that task, here at home, in our own "kurushthra". In that internal battle, we must be fearless and as Gandhiji was, "just" as well. We have been provided this call to duty. Let us not shirk from it. It may look like a googly or a curved ball as they call it here, in America. Even those can be hit for a six !!
Get involved, and know that each of us alumni, are a "stakeholder", have such a stakeholder status in this instituion, and it is ours as much as anybody else's. "We are the future,.... and we are the past,... and we are the present too !!."
We are going to step in, and do so responsibly, and in a manner that will make the founders, the visionaries, the teachers and our parents, who have invested everything they have had to make this what it is... proud, in a rightful way, for they gave us the tool, a tool above all else, an education, that challenged us to think, think positively and for the common good. It is our turn to carry the baton, and run with it, passing it on to future generations.
You guys who wondered and thought why sports at RSK was mandatory, now must know that it had its on providential purposes...
Above all, my love of India and my patiotism, came from RSK. Long live India, and may Peace prevail on the planet. Come on Rskities, take the r(i)sk, it is our only option... Fortune favours the brave... No R(i) glory...

Love to all
Dr George Joseph Themplangad

Hi All
I do agree to this. Although I was the hasty one, I did admit that I am unaware of the depth of this issue. Given the few issues highlighted (and those that are yet to be revealed), I still feel that the Montfort management leaving RSK was due to the individuals in power. I am not accusing the corporate here nor did I before.
My dad is still at service in BHEL and the comments from his associate in the decision making committee are similar to those of Ms Swathika. I still can't digest this. There should be a big issue behind this other than these petty things over which Montfort Brothers would give up an institution they managed for more than 35 years.
Montfort Brothers St. Gabriel manage many institutions other than RSK.
Schools like Champion Anglo Indian Hr. Sec. School, Trichy
Montfort Matric Higher Secondary School, Perambalur,
St. James Higher Secondary School, Palakurichi, Trichy
to name a few are under the management of Montfort Brothers. Hence the construction of a new school is not a point to leave one of the oldest institutions managed by the group.
Alongside, the teachers are the assets to the school and RSK will face big problem if Montfort Brothers absorb them to their new school.
In my experience as a consultant, I have learnt one thing that there isn't a problem which cannot be solved. I am sure a solution can be reached if the corporate influence can be used (like I said before) to retain the Montfort brothers at RSK.

Raghunathan Balasubramanian, (raghunathanece(at)
Class of 1998

Dear RSKites,
Before I get back to you with some authentic information, I happened to have a conversation with one of my friends in BHEL Trichy whose nephwes go to RSK and I heard that they have not collected the money
for books and notebooks which they ideally do during the month of September and when the parents asked the Principal, he had requested them to wait as there was no hurry.
I am sure senior alumni like Mr.B.V.Ramanan and Mr.Daniel can give us more information regarding this as they have their children enrolled.
Also, the teachers were informed by the Principal that the Montfort Brothers would leave the school and they would be taken care by the new management (???) I am trying to get information from BHEL.
Kindly bear until then (as an organization BHEL is not ready to let go of RSK which has been one of their pride possessions and they are trying to sort out differences. they do not want to act in haste and
its under discussion)
Meanwhile lets not assume things by ourselves before the issues are put on white paper.
Is there any background work as alumni we should be doing? Can the seniors come up with some consolidated proceedings? Say just as a backup. Its always better to be prepared.
Its a really disheartening situation and all of us are feeling the same way. Lets hope for the best.

Swathika (

Dear All
The initial emotion outburst and the commotions have slowly settled. It is but natural to express our anguish, pain and anger(?) on hearing a very sad news like this. But we need to appreciate ourselves for free expressions of thoughts and the action plan which need to be taken under the given situations. Now it is time to put in action all our thoughts and ideas which were discussed. Under these circumstances the OSA reunion assumes paramount importance. One of the information which I have is that all parties concerned – BHEL management, Montfort Brothers and of course Teachers are awaiting eagerly to know the response of the OSA. May be they may not take all our suggestions and implement our wishes. Also it is being told that private management is being explored by BHEL management to manage the school in case if they are not able to refrain the Montfort Brothers
In any case the children of Parents ( shortly to be divorced) has every right to express their wishes ( even in the civil and secular courts). Also the view points of the children are given due thought and plays an important part in the final verdict. Some of the real concern or fall outs because of this are
1) Retaining of the old School Motto " Be Just and Fear Not". Enough has been discussed on the importance and relevance of the motto in the life and formation of individuals.
2) Retaining of the school songs, Houses. Even today when friends met they take a lot of pride in associating with Montfort, Gabriel and Bosco houses.
3) Retaining of the uniform: Khaki and Whites, Green and Whites have been our colors and same is engraved even in the lines of the School song
4) Principles and Conduct: These morals and values have guided many of us not only in the school life but also in our professional life too.
5) Relevance of OSA for the new management. The relationship of OSA and new management need to be very clear from the beginning.
In addition to these, there are many uncertainties in the future of our beloved teachers. As rightly said, it was them who have dedicated their life for the sake of us, made us what we are today. The hardtoils and sacrifices has enabled us to reap a rich benefits in our life. The role model of teachers such as PJ, Getsy, Meera, Prema Juney, Jesudass, Sowrirajan, Mrs. Hemachandran, JC, Lyold, and others needs to be appreciated. Now their future including the retirement benefits and Gratutity etc., is really not very clear. Who shall provide – Either BHEL, Montfort Brothers, or the new management?
As a responsible members of this proud institution, we should be able to impress all the concerned that minimum of these issues need to be addressed and resolved. Under these circumstances, it becomes necessary to have ourselves associated in the process and therefore I agree With Dr. George for demanding seats in the governing body.
It is not for the power nor for glamour we crave for by demanding to be a part of the governing body. Instead, to ensure that our principles, values are not lost because of the new partner.
In case of any further assistance, I am available. OSA office bearers may please contact me.

Mathew Samuel (mathewsamuel.s(at)
Class 1987

Subject:Official Information from BHEL - pdf format
Dear Rskites,
Click here for the official information that I received from BHEL today.

Swathika (

Hi all..
Being an RSKite and being in trichy i feel the circular provided by BHEL is fully one sided and there is no truth in it. It is just a sweet coated message from BHEL issued to further malign the names of the brothers.


Truly a great job! Facts/Documents usually helps us 'Analyze' a situation than 'perceive' the situation.
On a side note, I am wondering, as the Alumni with a vested interest in the School, should we play a part in identifying an appropriate management, if situation warrants, to run our beloved school.

Ganesh Viswanathan (aka BV) - B'79-'89. (

Subject: Response from Alumni to BHEL information letter - an open letter to the reunion...
Fellow R(i)skites,
Appreciate the letter from BHEL management, indicating some aspects of the fallout at RSK. Thank you.
Given that the letter is dated January 12, 2006, and obvious, that our discussions and request over this forum, have contributed to even this basic informational letter being released to us, we say, we must all feel happy, that we are recognized, even in a small way.
However, on behalf of the alumni, I state categorically, that we have been excluded from being mentioned, as a party to the current and future of RSK. This is an oversight, and we are a "product" of this family, and in the "divorce settlement", terms must specify what "we the children" get or are obliged to do, or have as our share of the assetts and wealth, that RSK is. 3 seats on the Board of directors, elected by and through the alumni network, is a must.
We as alumni are committed to the school, to the teachers, to the students, and intend to participate fully in whatever be the continuing managerial and administrative future of the school. We can assume, a role in the current process, and the strategic plan for the school as it evolves. Our teachers and our school taught us well, and we will be honest, clear, fearless, just and wise in the execution of our responsiblities. So help us God.
While talk is cheap, and given that the issue seems to have originated as an outcome of some discussions regarding computer fees, I propose and offer the following resolution :
"We the alumni resolve through this motion "
" At this critical juncture in the life of RSK Hr Sec School, Kailaspuram, Trichy, TN, India, a school of national relevence, we the alumni, resolve to raise, a sum that will not be less than US $ 1,000,000 ( 1 Million US $ ) or its near equivalent of a minimum of Indian Rs 5,00,00,000 ( Rs. 5 Crores ) , that will go exclusively towards providing computers and their use at RSK, that will henceforth make all computer usage free, yes, FREE, for all students studying at RSK".
"Alongwith we seek a role in the future management of the school, and thus 3 seats on its future Board of Directors, as the school management is re-constituted"
We would appreciate a statement from the school management, regards matters from their side of the issue, as well.
Additionaly, I am suggesting that the alumni, suggest at their annual meeting, on 15 th of January, 2006, that we the alumni will meet at the RSK school premises and in Kailaspuram, over a full week period in future, in the coming 4 months or so, at a mutualy agreed and determined time, to evaluate and study the situation, as well as arrive at appropriate solutions to the future management of the school. I am committing to spend a full week at RSK, and suggest that we set up a full week long schedule of strategic planning.
The following could be the format :
Alumni able to be attend, arrive and be available, to meet in such a manner :
Monday - 9 to 5 PM - Discussions with School management
Tuesday - 9 to 5 Pm - Listen to current Teachers
Wednesday - 9 to 5 Pm - Meeting with BHEL administration
Thursday 9 - 5 Pm - Hear from the Students
Friday - 9to 5 PM - Forum for Parents
Saturday 9 to 1 Pm - Strategic planning forum involving all representatives.
The alumni will host the week, and come to a positive conclusion.
I, Dr George Joseph Themplangad, take responsiblity to co-ordinate this on behalf of alumni, and all parties and segments of the RSK community will be able to voice their concerns and air thier opinions. We will arrive at a win-win formula. I am currently overseas, in USA, and will plan to be in India, at Kailaspuram & RSK, along with as many alumni as are able, willing and ready to engage in this "Yathra" to our roots.
As alumni representative, be it self imposed, I take responsiblity, and through this open forum, welcome everyone's participation and suggestions.
In conclusion let me ask the following ?
Were you there, when RSK was not RSK ?
Were you there when RSk was Boiler Plant Hr Sec School ?
Were you there when Mr. R. S. Krishnan led BHEL ?
Were you there when Mr R. S. Krishnan passed away ?
Were you there when the school was renamed RSK ?
Were you there when the first batch at RSK graduated in 1968 ?
Were you there when the second batch at RSK graduated in 1969 ?
Were you there when the third batch at RSK graduated in 1970 ?
Were you there when RSK joined to form the "Pentangular games" ?
Were you there when new play grounds at RSK were created ?
Were you there when the lovely gardens at RSK were planted, initialy ?
Were you there when there was no second or third campuses of RSK ?
Were you there 40 years ago, in 1966 ?
Were you there when there were only about 350 students in the school ?
Were you there when Rev. Bro Camillus and Rev.Bro Dominick were there ?
Were you there when we were a small family, and with great vision ?
Were you there when Apollo 11 landed on the Moon, RSK students watching ?
Were you there when scouting was in its infancy at RSK ?
Were you there when "Democratic thinking" through school elections were initiated ?
Were you there when BHEL was in its infancy ?
Were you there when RSK School student Captain took the salute at the sports meet, when District Collector was late to arrive : so we all learn to respect punctuality ?
I was there. It was all history in the making. It was a blessing to be there.
It now is a duty to there... and we will be there...
And now that there is a different set of circumstances over there, will you fellow
R(i)skites, come back home, to re-live your own old cherished memmories, and take on the mantle of reform, restoration and responsiblty at our school, our home away from home, our past, our future, our presnt. An obligation we must step up to.....
Welcome home, alumni. Let us meet in May or April 2006.
Pick a week. Above all, "Be Just and Fear Not".
Happy re-union, Happy Pongal

( Dr George Joseph Themplangad )

Subject: Spoke to Mr. Lloyd, NO Strike by teachers foreseen
Hi All,
I spoke to Lloyd Sir this morning. While the teachers are kind of stunned about all that is happening, NO STRIKE (As was mentioned in an earlier post) is being planned or is foreseen. The teachers do not know what is going to happen to them, the new management MIGHT reduce their salaries (We do not know, this is only a potential threat, and I heard that this happened in neighboring BHEL Matriculation when BHEL took it over from YWCA)... There is a sense of tension prevailing amidst them, it seems.
However, I get the feeling that they also kind of feel that this was waiting to happen for a long time... at least 8 years now!
The Reunion is on Sunday afternoon, after 1:30 PM, at School.

Thanks and Regards,
Vijay Premkumar vijay_premkumar(at)
(Class of 96)

Subject: Montfort brothers
Dear RSKites
I am one the good ole' boys of yester years 1971 - its astonishing they way everything has unfolded - guess we should all gear for the change - it's like the tsunami of 2005 - it has torn my heart and really don't like the start this new year 2006 with such news.
I am really grateful to all of us, as we held our emotions, even during tough controversies and we should now get ready to plough through this mess that lay ahead of us.
Changes are necessary and changes are good, but changes need to be healthy and must take us to the next level. - I have been in the US for the past 25 years and have lived in 17 states - my kids were born in different states, seen this vast land through the eyes of many a folks and learnt many a things.
When I joined school it was called BHEL Higher Secondary School - I did resist in my mind the renaming of the school as I wasn't aware, who Mr. R S Krishnan was - felt divided but eventually felt the change was only in the name and not to the heart and soul of the school.
We always had Red and Green houses and we started a Blue house - I was the first captain of Don Bosco House - we gave the other houses a damn stiff competition - yes we were divided, but the heart and soul of the athletes participating did not change.
With the help of our music teachers, we had our own Rock 'n Roll band - the Citadels. This was quite a deviation from the Traditional Music taught and learnt, not forgetting the exams through the different Grades of Trinity College of Music, London, UK - this gave us a chance express our hidden talents.
In the early days we seemed to know everyone in the campus - as the school grew, they had to start new campuses to share the vision and teachings of Monfort Brothers - that's was a good thing as so many of us have sprouted all over the world.
I am with Mathew Samuel - lets not protest and anguish over this unfortunate event - if its to happen it will - but in the meanwhile lets join together to keep our motto, our songs and our traditions that has been imbedded in our hearts that has made us what we are - without which there will be a major division between Monfort years and the non-Monfort years - Lets strive to give back to all the teachers that have given us LIFE and we have learnt to enjoy it to the fullest.
My love and prayers to all those who are involved in the decision-making process. I am game for any kind of support in this regard.

Paul Eddy

Hello all,
Let me clarify one fact. the pullout of Monford brothers is not a hasty one. it was planned years in advance. some of the teachers were discussing this with me two years back. let us get over this and look forward towards making a useful contribution to the school in terms of setting the right agenda for the new management.

arvind 98

Dear RSKites,
Swathika thank you for providing us this official Info. from BHEL. Would it be possible to have a similar response from the Provincial side too? It is obvious, there is no Bro. Camillus or Brother Paul / Mr. Achan/Krishanmoorthy or Raghavan amongst us who helped bridge the many gaps, to bring about amicable solutions.
RSK must be one of the few institutions where we see Industry & School Education working in a balanced Manner. No doubt both the BHEL management ( many of whom had their wards studying there) & the Montfort Brothers have strived hard to build this institution to this position of Eminence.
For old Students, like myself, who carry fond memories of how we RSKites have always stood out amongst other Schools in Sports & Academic Meets, it may not be possible for us to accept the Change. But we need to move forward.
I guess, while we should all try to get the response from the Provincal, let us quickly evaluate what is next to be done.
Computer Education Subsidy & Bus Fees are not the issues. Let us not try to get embroiled into the day to day issues.
With an alumni of over 34 years, all of should be able to contribute towards meeting many of the Goals the institution has for in the future. Just tell us which are most important/ urgent issues today.
Though we would love to have the Montfort Brothers be a part of this future, It is a decision that THEY should be ready to move forward with.
" It was also mentioned, during the discussions, that there were reports that land had been purchased by the management of RSK Schools for construction of a new school. To this the Principal replied that the Montfort Brothers had every right to buy land or construct buildings anywhere and BHEL had no business to talk about it. From our side, the view was expressed that Construction of a school near BHEL' premises i.e. near Kattur, could result in a conflict of interest for the school management which was the only concern for BHEL. "
Opening of another school in Kattur is also not the issue after all see below the list of over 28 institutions under the Montfort Brothers in Trichy Province of which 25 are schools. Over 7 of them within Trichy Dist. itself.
Institutions under the Province of Trichy
1. Provincial House, Villa Montfort(2000)
Parattiyur West, Trichy 620 009
2. Montfort High School(1983)
No.1, Asherkhana Street,Alandur, Chennai 600 016
3. Montfort Matric Higher Secondary School(1994)
No.56, Rajaji Nagar, Ariyalur,Perambalur Dt.621713
4. Social Action Centre(1982)
Ayan Poruvai 621 308
5. Champion Anglo Indian Hr. Sec. School(1978)
P.B. No. 11, Trichy 620 001
6. St. Joseph's Higher Secondary School(1966)
Natham P.O, Chengalpattu 603 002
7. St. Antony's Higher Secondary School(1978)
Coonoor, The Nilgiris 643 101
8. R. S. K. Higher Secondary School(1964)
Kailasapuram, BHEL Township, Trichy 620 014
9. R. C. Susai Higher Secondary School(1983)
Kalugumalai, Tuticorin Dt. 628 552
10. Lourdu Annai Higher Secondary School(1983)
Lourdu Nagar, Kanakkankuppam, Gingee Tk,Villupuram
11. St. John's Agricultural Farm(1966)
Manaparai Farm, Firka Kilaiyur 621 312
12. St. Antony's Higher Secondary School(1961)
Boys Town, Manjampatty 621 307
13. St. John's ITI & MMS(1961)
Manjampatty, Trichy District 621 307
14. Montfort Scholasticate(1988)
Varaganeri P.O, Trichey 620 008
15. All Saints' Higher Secondary School(1996)
Muttom, K. K. District 629 202
16. Montfort Home(1964)
Palakurichi, Trichy Dt. 621 308
17. St. James Higher Secondary School(1958/1978)
Palakurichi, Trichy Dt. 621 308
18. Montfort Centenary Academy(2003)
Montfort Nagar, Palayaseevaram, Kancheepuram Dt.
19. Montfort Rehabilitation Centre(1983)
16/19 GST Road, Pallavaram 600 043
20. Little Flower Higher Secondary School(1957/1979)
Teresaouram, Pondur PO, Via Sriperumbudur 602 105
21. St. Peter's Higher Secondary School(1969)
P.O No.567, Royapuram, Chennai 600 013
22. Santhome Higher Secondary School(1954)
142, Santhome High Road, Mylapore, Chennai 600 004 25
23. St. Stanislaus TTI & High School(1967)
Mannarkottai Road, P.B.42, Sattur 626 203
24. St. Joseph's Industrial School and M.M.S(1904)
Tindivnam East, Chennai 604 002
25. St. Louis Institute (College, School & Press)(1962)
Gandhi Nagar, Adyar, Chennai
26. Montfort Merticulation School
Rajalakshmi Avenue Main Road, Perungudi 600 096
27. Madagscar Mission
34bd Marcoz B.P.193, 401 Mahajanga, Madagscar
28. Philipiness Mission (Montfort Technical Institute)
P.O Box87, Kalibo, Pob, 5610-Aklan, Phillipnes
As neither BHEL nor the Montfort Brothers would be unduly affected by the Changes.
There is no reason why we cannot have RSK and the new school working side by side. (After all BHEL is not Subsidising the other institution) Therefore what would be welcome is suggestions from fellow RSKites is how can the RSK Grow? This we should work towards, while keep all parties in mind, especially the Teachers & Staff who have made us what we are today.
Wishing the OSA meet all the very Best !!!

Kumar Mani (Batch of 1972)

Dear RSK Alumni,
This is Ramanathan (class of 1991).
I agree with Dr. George that the Alumni should be given an opportunity to voice their opinion.
I have studied in various educational institutions in India, and did my last 2 years of schooling in RSK. I should remark here that RSK alumni is the most active alumni of all, and the topics discussed are of the highest calibre. This is a clear reflection of the great individuals and minds that are part of the alumni, and the wonderful school, teachers (of which Montfort Brothers are a big part) and infrastructure that nourished and shaped all these great minds.
Now that we are living in a 'connected broadband' world, the alumni should be able to play an active role in the happenings of the school, though we are miles away from RSK. We have already established that this system can work, by our timely help to Veeriyan sir and Chellapillai Sir.
Swathika has volunteered to collect detailed information from the BHEL management side and provide it to the alumni, we should commend her efforts. If some one from the OSA can get detailed information from the Brothers and provide it to the alumni, it will help the alumni to:
- have a well informed discussion
- if needed create a polling on the rsk web site
- reach a consensus and voice our opinion to the BHEL management

Best regards,
Ramanathan M (class of 1991) (m_rams(at)
San Diego, CA.

As someone wisely observed there has been a breach in the relationship most likely guided by other interests on one or both sides. So one of the sides or both decided there was no value in continuiing this relationship anymore. In the case of BHEL, it may be cost-cutting motive since it appears it is not just RSK but other schools going through similar situations. So in the end, it may just be a commercial decision on one or both sides. Whatever it is, we may never know the truth since we are not privy to any of the discussions.
As alumni, we are clearly interested in the welfare of our teachers. But I am not sure if we are in a position to do anything . I would suggest that we can have a blog site or something similar where alumni express their feelings so that BHEL, principal and the teachers all know how we feel about this whole thing.
As for this version of "facts" from BHEL, it appears the PR/HR machinery of BHEL has worked overtime to crank out this highly one-sided version of events which challenges our limits of credulity. Anyway, I don't think we are or can be jury, judge or executor in this situation.
I suggest we focus our energies and emotions on the issue of the future of our teachers while we acknowledge with much gratitude the contributions of the Montfort brothers in shaping our minds and character and nurturing this great institution and the contribution of BHEL in subsidizing this valuable education.

Jitendran (1986 batch)

Hi Alumni,
Happy New Year! Wish you the very best in 2006.
I am very happy to read such clear and clean exchange of ideas on this sensitive issue amongst us. It is wonderful to note that though we might be miles away, we feel an urge to meaningfully involve ourselves in what might truly be beyond our control.
In the past, help was requested. And, we opened our hearts to support!
In this situation, we have not yet been requested to help!! In my experience, it would be unfair and worthless to offer/impose once's office when it has not been called for.
Secondly, we may not want to assume that the 2 parties have not tried hard enough to reconcile their differences. Outwardly, it has been a wonderful alliance that has benefited both parties very well. If they chose to break up, there must be many good reasons, some of which would be better left unrecorded! They may breakup today. They may get back together tomorrow (Its the political reality in India:-)!!)
We feel allegiance towards our teachers. We want to help them in their hour of need. Some of them have left but the school has continued to flourish. In this case, we may be losing what has quite been RSK's backbone. No wonder, we feel such withdrawal symptoms!! I intuitively cringe on the thought
of our school functioning without the brothers. Intellectually though, I know that things will be OK. If BHEL's then ED made a great decision to bring in the Montfort Brothers, I am confident that the current ED will do just as well or better.
We all agree that Montfort Brother did wonders with RSK. Maybe, their leaving is actually a really, good thing! I only wish it had happened earlier. Don't you think our country needs more schools of the caliber of RSK? Can you see the silver lining?


Subject: Sudden move by the Montfort Brothers
Yes, the happenings at RSK are indeed sad. Mr. Ramanan has talked about aspersions cast by the current ED of BHEL Trichy on the brothers, but we do not have complete information (from either side). Allegations of financial irregularities have been levelled for the last ten years. Even today, computer fees (Rs.400), arbitrary group fines (ranging from Rs.25 to Rs.100), earthquake relief, and many similar amounts are collected without any documentation of any kind. I know that this will also be shocking to all of you, but it is true.
The brothers have decided to leave RSK with this academic year. What is also to be known is that they have opened a new primary school in Kattur, and this is a major factor in their decision. Teachers, including senior teachers, have told the students that they would be leaving along with the Brothers.
Whatever be the validity and justification for this move, what is shocking is that they have not taken either the students or the parents into their confidence, despite the availability of various forums like the Parents Teachers Association. Astoundingly, no formal communication has been made as yet. Especially bewildered are the students who will step into the tenth and twelfth standards. They are suddenly left to fend for themselves at this crucial point in their academic path.
Even if alternative arrangements are made by the BHEL management, the trauma of new teachers, new methods, new management, is bound to wreak untold havoc to those preparing for the final examinations a year away. Especially pathetic will be the lot of the CBSE students, who face a change of board in their final year, since there is no alternative CBSE school in the near vicinity.
Those who have built up such an enviable reputation in education should preserve it by deferring their movement by a year, so that parents get an opportunity to explore their options and choose what is best for the students. Maybe those OSA members who have influence can prevail over the Brothers to think about the plight of the students.
Please circulate this in other OSA forums.

R K Sen (senrk(at)

From: jithesh nambiar (jithu_try(at)
Date: Mon Jan 16, 2006 11:22 am
Subject: Highlights of Reunion 2006
Hello Rskites,
I was fortunate to be at the reunion 06. Would like to give the highlights to all those who have missed it. Hats off to the organisers who had done a lot of home work to make it a great success.The response of the 2004-2005 batches was also overwhelming.

The function started off with the lighting of the kuthuvillakku by the principal,lloyd sir,Rajkumar sir,Manoj(1996 batch i think) and Sivakumar(1982).

This was followed by an interactive session by Mr Sivakumar followed by fun games like musical chair , (to be frank i was not there for the other fun games session) Then came the valedictory function.Lloyd Sir thanked the Monfort brothers in his own style for all that the brothers have done for the school and the principal thanked the old students for their support and concern for the institution.Then came the school song (hope that does not change for the next alumni meet)

Regarding the issue: I think we as alumni can wait for a day or two for the official reply from the brothers. Our principal had spent two and a half hours of sunday morning reading through the mails of alumni and was happy to see such a response.

I heard that many managements have discussed with BHEL about running the school and some have even demanded a name change. But from my personal view point I dont think any other management (everyone who sees education as just another business ) will come in to run RSK , as the fees has to be subsidised for the BHEL employee wards and finally the school will be run by the BHEL MANAGEMENT.

I am running out of time.Hope I was able to give you a synopsis of all that has happened at the reunion.


From: Rajesh Srinivasaraghavan (rajesh_s(at)
Date: Tue Jan 17, 2006 1:22 am
Subject: Update from the montfort side
Hi all
I just talked to bro augustine novello in yercaud (ph. 04281 223250). Montfort brothers side of the story seems to be financial. The problem, I understand, has been brewing for about 2-3 years.

He thinks at least a dialogue between BHEL hour and montfort brothers through alumni/or parents of students might be helpful. Unfortunately, sitting in the US this is not something, I can make happen. He suggested that the pricipal, bro marriam(?) can speak on behalf of the montfort brothers

Can anyone in trichy mediate a meeting between the two.

I think we should first try to see if montfort brothers will stay on atleast till the end of the school year (may 2006)

Does any one have lloyd sir's number/email I'd or any teacher's contact info (email or phone)

Rajesh Srinivasaraghavan

From: Srinivasan Vedachalam (anusriniabhi2001(at)
Date: Tue Jan 17, 2006 2:00 am
Subject: New Management
Hi all,
In case a new Management takes over,it can probably be a school from Chennai,for eg: Vidya Mandir,Chettinad Vidyashram,SBOA,PSBB,PS Senior or DAV. That way our RSKites would get good recognition while studying itself. In the sense,opportunities would not be garnered by Chennai students alone but would be shared with us also. Also some parent gets transferred to Chennai,admission will not be a problem

Warm Regards,
From: "Senthilkumar Gopalan" (senti1(at)
Date: Tue Jan 17, 2006 2:12 am
Subject: Llyod sir phone number
Dear Rajesh,
Llyod sir does not have a direct line. He can be reached through his brother at 0431 2331518 or at his cell: 09894890859. Morning's before 8 AM is a good time to call him.
senthil (mc)
From: "Vijayakrishnan V" (vijayakrishnan.v(at)
Date: Tue Jan 17, 2006 4:16 am
Subject: Reunion 06

I am vijayakrishnan (1990). I was there at Reunion'06. Though I am based at Trichy, and usually in touch with teachers of RSK outside the campus, but the visit to the campus after nearly a decade, was truly nostalgic. But the context and underlying issues at the moment did add a somber note. As most of the attendees of the reunion were from latest batches, understandably the emotional build up to the current issue was less. But Mr. Ramanan was highly vocal and emotional during and after the meeting. There was Mr. Krishnamoorthy (1988), a reporter from The Hindu, also. Today, The Hindu carried a report on this issue and with a lot of words within quotes. Also reading thru the emotionally burdened letters from the old students' fraternity, I am inclined to present my views.

Being in Trichy, and actively involved in the socio-cultural economic and political happenings of the town, the real issue seems to be, `the nature of handling funds'. On the day of reunion, sitting at the parlour, with Mr. Ramanan, Mr. Krishnamoorthy and a few of the other old students, talking to current Principal and few teachers brought out the emotional story from the side of Brothers (mostly Mr. Ramanan not letting the Principal talk and contributing all aspects of the issue himself). But latter, talking to some insiders from BHEL, I could gather the BHEL side of the story.

Having been educated thru the Monfortian way in the current premises, I do have a soft corner for the Brothers. But looking at the issue at hand from a neutral angle, there are highly questionable points in the arguments of both sides. I do not know, whether such frank discussion on the merits of the arguments is possible here in the open. Because on the Reunion day, at the meeting at the parlour, trying to be neutral was seen as being against (atleast that's the impression I had). But trying to be practical, is there an amicable way out?

  • Arranging a meeting between the sides should not be such a problem. But can anyone retract from such forward positions? I think, people have gone too much ahead with their side of the story that going back requires a lot of ego chewing.
  • What about teachers? From talking to people in BHEL, I gather that they understand the position of the teachers and would take care that they are not be unduly affected.

    V. Vijayakrishnan (1990)

    From: Vijay Premkumar (vijay_premkumar(at)
    Date: Tue Jan 17, 2006 6:13 am
    Subject: Spoke to Principal today
    Hi All,
    I spoke to Brother Mariannan, Principal of RSK earlier this evening. It was quite an emotional issue for him as well, from the sound of it. He had, at that moment, a circular that has been issued by the Provincial Superior, Bro Dhanaraj, and read it out to me. The circular contains 10 points, some of them being answers to the issues raised by BHEL in their circular. Brother informed me that this circular would be put up in the website this evening, and has also promised to send me a copy of the same. If I receive one, and if it has not been posted to the alumni network before, I will send it out to you all.

    However, from talking to him, it looks like the decision is quite irreversible.
    Thanks and Regards,
    Vijay Premkumar

    Subject: Circular Issued by Montfort Brothers on their terminating the contract with BHEL
    January 17, 2006

    Circular to the Parents & well-wishers

    Dear Parents & Well wishers,
    We, Brothers had no intention of giving a detailed account of the happenings and developments that eventually forced us to serve notice to BHEL management but unfortunately the company has come out to the public with a circular regarding why we Brothers are leaving the school conveniently presenting only the partial truth and concealing the vital points. Hence, we are forced to give to you our parents and well wishers the correct picture of what led us to leave the School, which we held, so close to our heart for the last forty two years.
    First of all I would like to tell you that we are not leaving RSK just because we are planning another school. Building schools and providing quality education is our mission and the proposed new school is just our routine expansion of our mission. One may ask why in Kattur? Well, the answer is simple. It is at the repeated requests of the public and the need of the locality. If building a school in Kattur were our aim to leave RSK, we would not have renewed our contract with the BHEL management for another 10 years in 2004. I cannot understand the unfounded fear of BHEL that it would result in a conflict of interest for the school management when the company is having number of schools by different managements in the same campus!
    Now, what led us to serve the notice to terminate the contract and leave the school?
    1.   As we all know, RSK is a forty two years old institution. It needs a lot of maintenance for the sake of the safety of the students, which is much insisted by the education department after the Kumbakonam tragedy. Even after bringing these to the notice of the company, nothing much is done.
    2. The growing negative attitude of BHEL management towards the welfare measures such as Medical facility, House tariff etc. of the teaching community, which gives its life for the well being of the students was brought to the attention of the authorities concerned along with the PTA of the school but of no use.
    3. The due monthly subsidy to the school by BHEL is quite often delayed or carried over to the following months, which places the Principal into unnecessary tension and hinders from concentrating his time and energy on important aspects of the students educational needs.
    4. Unfortunately the integrity of the Montfort Brothers was questioned by the Executive Director on 19-09-2005 during his meeting with the principal. When the sanctioned subsidy for the year was not released in full, the Principal approached the ED to sort it out that day. He in turn said that already RSK is well fed and a lot of money is dumped in RSK. He went on to blame the Brothers of being non-transparent, money minded and cheating comparing the brothers to the vegetable vendors!
    5. He asked about the school we are planning to start at Kattur. Principal told that it was a routine expansion of our mission in TN. For this the ED stated, “You start the school in Kanyakumari, why in Kattur?” For this he was told by the principal that the Brothers need not get the permission from BHEL where and how to start a school. It is far from truth that anything regarding computer education or the school bus was talked in the meeting of the Principal with the ED on 19th September 2005.
    6. Having listened to the humiliating experience of the Principal with the ED on 19-09-2005, I sent a letter on 22-09-2005 to ED expressing our shock and dismay at the baseless allegations made against us, questioning our very integrity by the ED in the presence of GM-HR and AGM-HR. In my letter to him I reminded ‘how he as a parent of the school a couple of years ago and as an officer acknowledged and spoke high and appreciated the brothers’ service and commitment on various occasions and now going to the extent of labeling the brothers as non-transparent and cheats’. I got on 13-10-2005 an embarrassing reply of denial of facts from DGM-HR who was not even present in the meeting.
    7.      As per the decision of my council, I as the Chairman of Montfort Brothers – Trichy Province, had requested for an appointment with the ED through my letter dated     09-11-2005 to clarify face to face the issues raised. I had suggested the date 15-24 of November. As there was no reply from the ED office I sent a reminder on 5-12-2005 asking for an appointment between 8-12 December since I was to go to Rome on 14th December 2005. In reply to my letter I received a letter from GM-HR dated 7th December (along with a copy of a letter dt.14-11-2005 from ED) stating that ED had replied to my letter of 09-11-2005 expressing his inability to meet me due to other engagements. The so called letter of ED dated 14-11-05 has not reached me till this date surprisingly.
    8.      I was quick to answer and give my views through my letter dated 9th December 05 on three issues raised by the BHEL. Here is what I stated: “ RSK school has not purchased any land anywhere. The School annual audited statements and budgets submitted every year give the details on financial matters concerning RSK HSS and the rate of computer fees collected class wise was given in my letter”
    9.      And now about the income from School stationary, Bus and computer education have been explained to the BHEL management by the former principals through letters to their satisfaction. These items have been managed and financed by the Brothers right from the inception of RSK School at the request of the officials of those days. At no point of time (even when we renewed our contract in march 2004) we were told to include these items in the school account system since it was purely by the Brothers fund and at their supervision.
    Knowing with deep grief the humiliation meted out to us, that our integrity, and honour is suspected and having got no date for dialogue with the ED after waiting patiently till 13th December 05, my council decided the painful decision to give the notice for termination of contract with the BHEL and handover the school management from the coming academic year. This is the fact on which our decision rests and nothing else.
    We have happily served the institution for forty-two years amidst many hardships with the unstinted support of our teachers. We are proud of our contribution to the Nation, to BHEL and to a large group of students. We are contended with the way our old students have discovered their lives and our worth. They are and will always be our beacons carrying the torch of greatness and remain grateful for the Montfortian way of education they received. Our motive was not profit and gain. Unfortunately our integrity and honour is questioned. This should not have been done to us. Anyhow, we go with the realization that some in this world sometimes may not reciprocate in the same measure as you give.

    Yours brotherly,
    Bro. Dhanaraj, SG
    Provincial Superior.

    New management to take over R.S.K. Higher Secondary School at Kailasapuram
    The Hindu Newpaper
    Staff Reporter
    Montfort Brothers of St. Gabriel terminate agreement with BHEL
    TIRUCHI: Montfort Brothers of St. Gabriel have reportedly terminated their agreement with the BHEL for running the R.S.K. Higher Secondary School, Kailasapuram.

    Having run the institution successfully for 40 years, the Provincial, which renewed the 10-year contract two years ago, decided to end its association with the BHEL since the latter had "cast aspersions" on its integrity in managing the institution.

    While the school management states that the institution is short of funds to maintain the buildings and pay salary to teachers for the next couple of months due to the "disinclination" on the part of the BHEL to make good the subsidy in the school's fee structure for wards of the industry employees, the BHEL, in its recent letter to the management had sought specific details of the computer fee and bus transport fee in the details of expenditure furnished by the management. Out of 4,800 students in the primary, junior and main schools, nearly 3,000 are wards of BHEL employees.

    The BHEL had questioned the propriety of the Provincial to run the R.S.K. Higher Secondary School, referring to the latter's efforts under way to start a school at Kattur, a few km away, and fearing a conflict of interests. The Provincial explains that the decision to start the new school was taken against the backdrop of the R.S.K. HSS receiving over 700 applications for admission each year, against vacancies for 240 seats, with the idea of admitting the spillover applicants.

    The BHEL has responded to a communication sent by Provincial stating its decision to quit with a relieving order, it is learnt. The Provincial will, however, continue to manage the school till mid-April, 2006, to coincide with the culmination of the academic year.

    The institution, started in the name of the first Executive Director of BHEL, R.S.Krishnan, is likely to be taken over by a new management at the start of the next academic year. Teachers admit that the situation has crystallised to a situation that is beyond redemption, and are left with the hopes for a smooth transition in the interests of students.

    The BHEL has formed a seven-member committee to take care of the material requirements of the school such as books and notebooks till then. The committee comprises three representatives of the BHEL Educational Society, a senior teacher each from the primary, junior and main schools, and a representative of the Parents-Teachers' Association.

    From: Rajesh (rajesh_s(at)
    Date: Tue Jan 17, 2006 3:48 pm
    Subject: Next Steps
    hi folks,

    Thanks for all the update. My sense from what I have seen is that there might be some hope to salvage this situation. The primary reason to believe this is the 10 year contract that was signed by Montfort brothers and BHEL not too long ago.

    It might work more effectively to have a small group work on this and keep the larger alumni posted on progress. I am happy to coordinate the alumni efforts (albeit through email, sitting 20,000 miles away from trichy). We do need a small team that can help in this. I would like some volunteers. The volunteers have to be the single point of contact with the various parties involved in this. We can coordinate amongst volunteers and then bring the parties together. If you can volunteer to help FIND and CONTINUOUSLY communicate with your party and via EMAIL with this group quickly, please email me by end of day Wednesday.

    Party 1. RSK PTA representative - Manoj can you help (2004)
    Party 2. Montfort Brother - through the principal - Vijay? (1996)
    Party 3. BHEL HRD Manager - sons/daughters of (ex-)BHEL staff whose parents still have contacts - Raghu Nathan (1998)/Ganapathy? - (1988)
    Party 4. Faculty - Senthil (MC - 1991) can you work with Lloyd/Raju?
    Party 5. Students - Manoj can you help? (2004)
    Party 6. OSA - Someone based in Trichy who can make time for face to face meetings! (VijayKrishnan - 1990?)

    Rajesh (Class of 1991). (rajesh_s(at)

    From: Vijay Premkumar (vijay_premkumar(at)
    Sun Jan 22, 2006 11:40 pm
    After the talk, for some action please?
    Hi All,

    It was heartening to note that a lot of talk has been happening in the mailing list with reference to the school management. But, true to our past style, there has been a lot of mails passing up and down, and now it is dying out. From the nearly 20 mails a day that we noticed just not too long back but a couple of weeks ago, we now have about a mail a day, or the rare 2. (And even this might pass, considering the kind of silence we now see since the Chellapillai Sir issue where there was a lot of talk on teachers' health benefits and the sort).

    True, things keep us busy. But so many ideas and emotions have actually been generated and aired in the list of late, and we should ensure that we do not lose these ideas. In this context, I would like to suggest that we try to achieve some of them.

    Going forward, the OSA should play an even more active role than what it currently does, and it is possible only with the support of each member. We need to realign our aim to 'How do we proceed forward?' and think about the role of the OSA in the new management. Towards this effect, I would like to give a call to all those who are interested in joining together to form a working committee, an action group that would oversee the realignment of the OSA in tune with the latest management (whoever it is going to be).

    We could then probably set up a framework and the group would abide by it, bringing forward regular updates to the rest in the alumni fold. This group will also need to work closely with the OSA office bearers (Who will continue to remain as they do now, until we touch upon that later) and act as a bridge between the senior old students and the fresher, more recent old students. This will prevent people from swimming against the current in the event of casualties and other emergencies. Ideally, this should be a group of people with a right mix of overseas as well as India-based alumni, and a right mix of recent, not-so-recent and senior passouts.

    Those interested, please mail me about your willingness to be a part of this group. We will take it up from there. I will wait till this Friday (Jan 27, 2006) before we should decide whether the support has been good enough to take it forward.

    Thanks and Regards,
    (Class of 96)

    "George tHEMPLANGAD" indianevada(at)
    Subject: Alumni re-organization and re-vitalization
    Hi folks from Rsk,
    Good to see that there is a renewed effort to get organized. Well done Prem.

    Our priority is to get the organization on its feet, get a new constitution, have a Board of Directors, and also have the body registered as a non-profit trust.

    We must also maintain complete neutrality in all matters and have a Non-alligned approach. We work with all entities, yet with a very independant role as alumni, in all matters of the school, wherin we can be productive. We do not take sides on any matter, and certainly not any issues at the momment, that are ongoing at the school.

    Create a manner for elections or resolution of ideas by an email and electronic voting syastem and a good website that gets facts and figures to everyone in a timely manner, while allowing for e-governance and e-commerce, as an alumni organization is crucial, in this age of the net. members of the rsk alumni world out there, please come forward with ideas and suggestions and please volunteer, wherin, you feel you have any strengths or contributions you are able to make.

    Can all memebrs on the committee agree to donate Rs 2,000 towards the organizations corpus funds, so that we become financialy viable and can take measures to do the above mentioned. I am willing to make a contribution, above and beyond what I have suggested, and will be glad to mail it to the treasurer of the proposed trust as and when required, to initiate the process. Any one else willing to pledge any sum, kindly do so. It may be paid in installments. I am committing to make a contribution of Rs 10,000 towards the corpus fund of the trust to be formed, preferably called "rsk alumni trust" or rsk alumni foundation". Other name suggestions are welcome.

    Does the exisitng OSA have any bye-laws, and would some one please get it online.

    As for those nominated will they please come forward and introduce themselves to the network. If anyone who is on the list is unwilling or unable to serve on the committee, please come forward and state so, so that we know and can have new members who may be interested nominated. I think the numbers can be increased and the discussions must be kept as transparent as possible, and online as well.

    Since I have introduced myself earlier and in the recent month on the alumni forum, I will refrain from repeating. Those who may want to know may contact me directly by email at or may refer to prior communications from the past month.

    George, RSK 1970
    ( Dr George Joseph Themplangad )

    Date: Fri, 03 Feb 2006 11:58:02
    Subject: Greatness

    Not every school in a town is great.
    Not every school in BHEL townships across the country is great.
    Not every institution run by Montfort brothers achieves the greatness that RSK is.
    There are thousands of school in a city like Chennai, only a handful of them will come in the reckoning of greatness.

    RSK is great. RSK is a great institution. Montfort brothers and the leaders in BHEL made this greatness possible. We are all the results of this greatness.

    A institution reaching a position of greatness and being there for a long time, is not a common occurrence. Many a factor have to come together for greatness to happen. Management, teachers, students , parents, in all their diversity , have to come together and a ecosystem , a culture has to come about where such greatness becomes a possibility and a norm. This happened at RSK and remained there for a very long time too.
    For those of you who are not familiar with happenings at Trichy, Even today if you happen to ask a general person, who is aware of the education scenario in Trichy, for the best school in town, the answer happens, to be RSK.( It is another matter that general standards of excellence is not the same as in earlier times, in almost all institutions, which is a bane of our present times. Quite a lot of old students of RSK, who stay in Trichy town, who can put their wards in 'any' school of 'their' choice, have chosen to put them in RSK)

    Every great instituition or person will have its own cycles of greatness and lows too. Greatness has to be nurtured in spite of the failings due to the low ebbs, of the institution or the persons presently handling the day today matters, and seen through the difficult times. Great institutions take a long time and very many great people to build it. Breaking it is quite easy. Building requires a lot of attention and involvement from great minds. Breaking requires lack of attention and negligence from impersonal ordinary souls who happen to be in responsible positions of the day.

    BHEL has nurtured the school, giving it attention, priority and the personal involvement by the great minds that donned the leadership at BHEL. I am sure RSK is very close and dear to their hearts. I am also sure that RSK is very close to the hearts of the many great brothers who built RSK to this position of greatness.

    Every problem is solvable. Reckon that we are not talking about ordinary people. Montfort brothers as a institution has great people in it. BHEL as a institution has great minds . In times of difficult relationships, we should be the ones to show to them that "it was and it is" worth their while for them to have accorded the kind of attention the BHEL leaders and Montfort brothers bestowed on RSK. We should use whatever personal access we have with both of them, for both them to put in personal attention and care, to get to the table and resolve all matters, however irksome and thorny they are.

    We as RSKites should look beyond and do the needful to put the institution back on the tracks. We, each one of us, in whatever small or big way, take that extra step, walk that extra mile , to get BHEL and Montfort brothers to get back to working together and make them both take ownership for the heritage and legacy of RSK.

    The step could be as simple and varied as calling up a school time friend of yours and talking about RSK, writing in this newsgroup, speaking to the present parents of RSKites, speaking to BHEL leadership, past and present, speaking to Brothers. I am sure, out of this consciuosness will evolve the way. Though we are all away in terms of physical distance from Trichy, giving a certain mind share in this critical times, outside of our routine can make a 'big' difference to the outcome. This consciousness can lead to a critical mass of RSKites to come together physically and make things happen.

    Though not a contributor to all the good things that has been happening in this newsgroup, I have been a passive reader, read the postings with avid interest and a sense of identity with a lot of expressions, over the years in this forum.

    With all the warmth of being a RSKite,
    balakrishnan.k 1983

    ranganathan sambasivam
    Date: Fri, 03 Feb 2006 19:06:09
    Hi All,

    Greetings to all of you. Today was a wonderful day for me, as I started my day going to temple to make some offerings. The first time in my life when I was in the temple I prayed and promised to make offerings if the Tsunami which has hit RSK comes to a positive end. I felt good. Every time I pray to God and make offerings it has been either for a better job, more money, health for my kid and so on. But today I felt that there was a purpose for me to pray and promise all offerings to God. I some how believe this problem will be solved, I have started preparing and wondering how we will thank the BHEL management and our Brother's for coming to geather once again.

    I did read the nice mail of Bala after which many of us start wondering will we be able to write such a nice mail and get scared to make a decision on what we should write !!. I redrafted the mail 'n' times then decided what the heck it is the spirit which is important. And so I write the mail to express my support to the thinker.

    Many of us felt very very sad and bitter. Many of us felt how to help?. Many of us also felt that the problem has reached a point where there was no solution. At that time comes Bala's mail to me it is a answer from God, a hope and a light at the end of the tunnel. So let us not feel sad, for nothing has been lost yet. Our school is intact, our teachers are there and am sure the notice period can be changed.

    This incident gives OSA a purpose. I personally felt what where we achieving being in the group. But then I felt we could be a balancing force. Many a times conflicts do not get resolved as the solution for a problem is being searched by people involved in the problem. In such situations no solution emerges. But in this situation we do not have a stake either in the affairs of the school or affairs of BHEL. But we have derived great benefits from both the institutions. Our desire to ensure that the joy and pride we have of having been in RSK should last for ever. The pride we have of our heritage gives all of us a good feeling. This problem has created a purpose for OSA of which we are all a part. I think this is a God given gift to us to give back something to the society from which we have derived a lot. As I always tell my friends I try to be affectionate to other as it costs me nothing :). Similarly getting involved to solve this crisis will cost us nothing. The fact is it will bring dignity to our organisation and dignity to every one involved directly or indirectly. Let us keep the spirit high. Let us believe that this problem can be solved and the conflict resolved.

    Long live RSK.
    “ Be Just and Fear Not”.
    With love,
    S Ranganathan – 1983.

    Date: Wed Feb 17, 2006
    Action Plan - Send mail to BHEL & RSK
    Hi All,

    After Bala's mail sent a couple of days back, we now have an action plan for the current situation.
    The Action ->
    a) All alumni write to the Executive Director of BHEL and the Provincial Superior of Montfort Brothers personally about the view that the two should continue forward as one unit. This should be done as soon as possible.
    The Executive Director,
    Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited,
    Tiruchirapalli - 600014.

    Rev Bro.Dhanaraj,
    Provincial Superior,
    Montfort Brothers of St.Gabriel,
    Villa Montfort,
    Tiruchirappalli - 620009

    Responsibility -> All Alumni

    b) Maintain a copy of those letters.
    Responsibility -> All Alumni

    c) As soon as you send these letters, please let me know by an email.
    Responsibility -> All Alumni

    d) Spread the news around to as many people as possible.
    Responsibility -> All Alumni and Steering Committee.

    e) I will consolidate a list of the people who have actioned Item 'a' above.
    Responsibility -> Vijay (Class of 96)

    Responsibility -> All Alumni

    g) People who are coming for the Feb 27 Show of Support to register their availability on that day with me. Please do plan to be there. RSK needs you now, more than ever before!
    Responsibility -> All Alumni

    h) To make all necessary arrangements for this Show of Support, with BHEL and Montfort Brothers.
    Responsibility -> Valliappan/Bala/Steering Committee

    The most important thing is that we all converge at School on the 27th. It might be a tall ask for people far away. But, this is a moment of crisis, and in order to safeguard the legacy of RSK, we need to be able to do it! It could be that one day that would make a lot of difference. A massive alumni could do anything. Just 100 people turning up would make it a damp flop-show! So, do make it. We need you!

    For any clarifications, please feel free to mail me or Bala.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Vijay Premkumar(Class of 96)
    Please replace (at) with @ when e-mailing

    "balakrishnan.k" (balakrishnank.bk(at)
    Date: Wed Feb 15, 2006 1:25 pm
    Subject: An Appeal - BHEL and Montfort Brothers must get to the table and dialogue before

    Hi RSKites,
    We had called for a impromptu meeting of RSKites residing in chennai who could be contacted over phone and met the next day at Cosmopolitan club on saturday. It was a good gathering of RSKites - with people who are in their forties to people who are in their twenties. There were expressions both emotional and very practical that were expressed wrt happenings at RSK. Though the meeting was impromptu in a day's notice, the discussions went on for 4 hours. As the dicussions and hours progressed the convergence of thought, understanding and action that emerged was:

    "BHEL and Montfort brothers must get to the table and dialogue before they take a final call". A spur of the moment, adhoc, incident-triggered reaction by the powers that be and subsequent stand-off, should not let decide the destiny of 4000 present students, families, a fantastic teaching faculty, a great legacy of 42 years and the identity of more than 5000 Alumni of RSK.

    RSK today is a great institution and "BHEL & Montfort brothers" have made this possible. We, the previleged RSKites, are very deeply indebted to them both. We hold in high esteem, the contributions of both.

    We reckoned that there have been issues through the years (It is unrealistic to expect that it would have been all blooms and roses all the way) and some of us gathered were privy to such earlier happenings. Both BHEL and Montfort brothers are institutions great in their own right and differences would have crept up many a times. The greatness was that, they could handle it in a manner that was smart, constructive and personally positive, so much so that vast majority of students never even knew about it. In any such relationship between very capable institutions, especially over a very long time, flash points can and do occur.

    Whatever may be the stand of the BHEL management or Montfort brothers , they owe to show to the people who have stakes in the outcomes , that they have had sincere and well meaning dialogues to resolve the presnt imbroglio, than taking a easy helpless attitude of quiting.

    From what we get to understand of the scenario, there has not been any dialogue, let alone meaningful dialogue, between BHEL and Montfort Brotehrs, before this decision of tremendous consequence is being taken to part ways. No proactive steps have been taken to resolve the deadlock, which seems to have come about with hurt egos. The parents, the students, the teachers, the old students have not taken proactive steps to get the BHEL management and Montfort brothers to get to the table. (Our specific enquiries with people in the know of matters surprisingly brought this out) There has been a sense of general helplessness and defeatist outlook at the turn of events.

    Our earnest request and the message we converged on is very clear. BHEL management and the Order of Montfort brothers, Please get together, at the highest levels on both sides, to the table and talk. Make a sincere attempt at expressing and resolving all matters of concern to both sides. Please give your time, attention and priority to address the matters positively. Take a final decision only after this exercise. We will stand by you both, in this time of difficulty.

    Your relationship is a great relationship. We are the results of the relationship. We shall do all that is called for us to give our best to see that we recognize, respect and keep up in great honour this relationship.

    Montfort brothers may start another school; BHEL management may continue to run a school at the present premises but neither will be the RSK that we belovedly hold dear to our hearts. With any of you two being out of the school, is taking away the soul that is RSK.

    They are not setting a good example before the students of the community in the manner in which differences or conflicts are being handled or resolved. The impressionable minds are being shown the wrong exmpales and behaviour. Both the institutions are of stature and they should show pragmatism, good insight and vision in the substance and as well as the manner in which they conduct themselves.

    Running a school is not just a commercial transaction of a service provider providing a service as vendor and a customer paying for it and getting the goods. There are tremendous social responsibilities that go with it.

    Both of you are a mature organisation, are pragmatic and have the ability of reason. We are sure that if you both get to talk, a viable realistic understanding will evolve.

    We take for granted that well wishers at Trichy would have applied minds and have taken efforts and would have tried whatever is to be tried, to address and resolve the issues. We came to understand from the people on ground at Trichy that no such effort has been underway between the BHEL management or Montfort brothers. For want of attention from the Alumni, we should not let this happening of tremendous consequence take place. We can make that difference. We can and should bring in that extra care, interest, walk that extra mile to soften the blow and make understanding possible and worth it. We are not to judge or advice. We are to bring in that scope of understanding. Reckon we are like children of great parents who are seeing difficult times. Quiting is easy way out. It is for us to show that their relationship was and is worth the while.

    We should give our attention and we can make a difference. We would have good access on both sides, with the brothers and with the BHEL leadership. We should activate them and take inititative. The collective understanding of the RSKites who met in Chennai is, with the present state of things, We CAN save the situation, if RSK alumni accord our attention.

    There are certain clear stumbling blocks. They can be removed. For this we need to get them both to the table, however non-retractable they both outwardly state their present position is. It is in our hands. We need to plead, gently use our good offices, our love, our sense of execellence and also our firmness, sense of righteousness to get them to the table. Each of the Alumni, whatever may the above type of approach YOU are capable of, please initiate such steps in your own style and address to the BHEL leadership and Montfort brothers. Write mails to them both and send them by post and courier. The addresses to write are

    The Executive Director,
    Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited,
    Tiruchirapalli - 600014.

    Rev Bro.Dhanaraj,
    Provincial Superior,
    Montfort Brothers of St.Gabriel,
    Villa Montfort,
    Tiruchirappalli - 620009

    Please let them know your concern. Please express your admiration, gratitude to them. Please request them to get to the table and talk. Please let them get to understand that the people who are affected and concerned are more than the present students and parents. It is a 5000 strong alumni that holds dear the legacy and heritage. Please post the letter addressed to both of them.

    Please preserve a copy of the letter. We would plan to be at school on February 27. We would be there from all locations. Please carry this letter with you. We would need to show affirmative group action and in good strength. We need to show that we are serious about our attention, priority, love, deep sense of pleading, a sense of excellence, firmness and a sense of righteousness to both of them. We need to show this in person. We have set our agenda for this from Chennai. We call all the RSKites from various parts of the country and the world in joining us. We can and we will make that difference.

    Action points:

  • 1. Each of you, in your own words and style, write letters addressed to both, BHEL leadership and Montfort Brothers and send them by post or courier as soon as possible. Let the letter have a positive outlook and urge them both to get to the table for dialogue before taking a final call. Express that you would stand by both of them in this time of difficulty and pray for a understanding. Persuade and motivate them for a dialogue. Please write, anything else that you think is important to convey to them. Even a simple letter or telegram would also do. The message is "please get to the table and dialogue before taking a final call".
  • 2. Preserve a copy of this letter.
  • 3. Plan to be at RSK on February 27.
  • 4. Stay in close touch with the mailing newsgroup and the website on RSK, or Updates and details on the plan would be available here.
  • 5. Bring along the copy of your letter when we all meet at RSK on February 27. We shall, as a large gathering proceed as a group to meet BHEL leadership and Provincial general. We shall persuade and motivate them to get to dialogue.
    balakrishnan.k 1983
  • Our findings after our endeavour on 27th February at RSK
  • Read letters sent to BHEL & RSK

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