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About the RSK Website

This page was originally started by S. Rajesh (Gundu Bai), class of 91 on April the 12th, 1995. He was the webmaster till the 31st of Dec. 2000. Since then, P. John Thomas (1994 batch) and Swaminathan (1997 batch) have been maintaining it. I would like to thank Srinivasan Vedachalam (1983 batch) for helping us in the recruiting process. Most of the good things you see on this page are courtesy of Rajesh. In an amazing run, he had roped in people all the way to the very first batch that left school in 1968. After graduating some Rskite have gone on to REC, BITS, IIT, and MIT (#1 engineering college in US). RSKite are now all around the world from West Indies to Seychelles, Indian Ocean (1000 miles away from anywhere). Also RSKite work in varies field from being an Indian Air Force Pilot posted in Punjab to being a chef in a Cruise Ship. Since taking over as webies, we have added some scripts to make alumni updation and addition automatic, we have also added some search capability.

This page though proudly proclaiming to be the RSK page is not hosted at RSK (in fact, RSK doesn't even have a net connection yet) or has any official sanction. It basically tries to maintain a list of alumni at RSK, who are scattered all across the globe and attempts to create a net community. Towards, this end, in addition to this homepage, we have created an egroup, (now yahoo group) called rskalumni (more about this on the faq page). If you are an RSKite, you must sign-up as a member of this group.

We are always on the look out for ideas to improve the page. You could probably help us in writing or collecting articles on the school. Anecdotes, pictures of the school, its emblem, short articles about the school, character sketches of school staff are examples of things that can help. Drop in a line to us with cribs, ideas, comments, criticisms etc. You can alternately leave your comments on the guest book.

P. John Thomas and P. Swaminathan.

Home | ABOUT | News | RSK related links | Photos | FAQ | Old Students Association | What's New | Guestbook