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1. Our findings after our endeavour on 27th February at RSK From: Balakrishnan Kasilingam
2. I still feel positive From: "ranganathan sambasivam"
3. Reaction to The Hindu report From: "ranganathan sambasivam"
4. Important: Have you written your view to BHEL and MontfortBrothers? From: Vijay Premkumar
5. A word of Thanks by a teacher From: Christina Charlet
6. Thanks from our School Librarian From: Christina Charlet
7. RE: A word of Thanks by a teacher From: "Ramakrishnan.M.R, ISDC Chennai"
8. Re: RSK Alumni Endeavour on 27 February 2006 From: Swathika Anand
9. Thanks From: Balakrishnan Kasilingam
10. An Appeal - BHEL and Montfort Brothers must get to the table and dialogue before they take a final call From "Sivakumar Prithiviraj"
11. Thanks From: Shyam Gopalakrishna
12. Thanks From: Christina Charlet
13. Action Plan

Subject: RSK Alumni Endeavour on 27 February 2006
Date: Tue, 28 Feb 2006
From: Balakrishnan Kasilingam

Our findings after our endeavour on 27th February at RSK:

  • 1. BHEL management and Montfort brothers have taken a monumental decision. They have not met face to face at any level in the process of taking this decision.
  • 2. At the Inner core: both BHEL management and Montfort brothers have a sense of good feeling about what has been possible with the relationship. Both parties feel good about the contribution of the other to the cause of RSK.
  • 3. Both are feeling hurt.
  • 4. Communications between them, after the fateful 19 Sep 2005 meeting, have been only through administrative letters, which letter on letter, led to sliding-down of trust, understanding and mutual confidence, resulting in this final drastic outcome.
  • 5. So much so, a good case has come about in records, on both sides, which would justify enough to their respective superiors that it would be correct to call off the relationship.
  • 6. A simple confidence building exercise would have saved the relationship.
  • 7. Both institutions used administrative processes without using human or in person contacts, discussions etc.
  • 8. As they did not meet in person, it widened the mistrust created out of operational issues.
  • 9. People who tried to mediate were neither neutral nor perceived to be as neutral.
  • 10. News reports were perceived as deliberate attempt of maligning by the other side. This view was expressed by both the sides. (Simple lack of confidence and resultant apprehensions )
  • 11. Both recognise the existence of operational challenges.

    Present position:
    Both feel they have moved a very long way into the process of exit and so feel helpless.
    They both expressed fear and shrink from getting back together, thinking of the ill-effect of the present on future, if they decide to go along together for now.

    Our recommendation:
    The process adopted for them to arrive at the conclusion is very glaring in one aspect. ie No human face to face meetings have happened at any level in the process.
    It is propriety and sensible to have one.
    On 27th February, the mission of RSK Alumni was to reinforce the success formula

    which has created our great institution and kept it there over 40 years. A change in composition would affect and have drastic consequences to all the people who have made RSK great - BHEL, Montfort Brothers, Teachers, Students and the Alumni.

    By 10:15, all Alumni who had arrived by then, gathered together. We started with a silent prayer for our alma mater - RSK. We reckoned that RSK is going through difficult times. The relationship of - BHEL and Montfort order - which made greatness possible at RSK was going through difficult times. At this hour we need to stand by both of them, to support, to motivate and to create understanding. We should take care that whatever we do today is positive and constructive only. It is not our role to advice or judge or justify. We were to plead to both of them to come to the table and have a dialogue before taking a final call.

    A pair of banners was being prepared which said "BHEL + Montfort = RSK". All of us who had assembled there with prayer on our lips, anxiety in our faces and a deep sense of love for our alma mater in hour hearts, were to affix our signatures on the banner and present it to both BHEL management and Montfort brothers.

    We set out three actions to be done by end of day.
    1.Meet BHEL Management
    2.Meet RSK Principal
    3.Meet Provincial Superior of Montfort brothers

    A set of 4 alumni, Valliappan, Premanatahn, Karthikeyan and Balakrishnan were to go and meet the BHEL management as per a appointment at 10:30 A.M
    Meeting with BHEL Management:
    The 3 member team from BHEL was represented by Mr.Shankararaman, Mrs.Margaret and Mr.Prakash Achan. The team was open and transparent about all the communications exchanged between them and Montfort brothers. They read out the letters exchanged and discussed their thinking side by side. They came out cordial and reasonable in all the questions that came up. More so, they had praise for Mortfort as institution and the contribution of the school to their children. They came up with a important point on transparency issue.

    We understand two key points resulted in deterioration of trust and confidence.
    1. A letter written by the Executive Director addressed to the provincial superior, giving an appointment for meeting in first week of December did not reach the provincial superior. This missing link could have saved the break of trust and confidence.

    2. In the whole process there was no credible effort taken, to have a person-to- person contact in resolving the conflict, which again lead to break of communication. A routine administerative process was followed in resolving a very sensitive issue which can affect the lives of thousands of children of BHEL.

    The answer to the appeal for dialogue was:
    "We have taken our decision. We are very deep into the process of implementing them. We are going ahead"

    With all humility, it was expressed to them, 'It is propriety that they have a face to face meeting before they take a final call'.

    Upon our request for a meeting with the General Manager, they told that GM is busy then, and they would let us know by 3:30pm. At 3:30 we were informed about the inability to have a meeting with GM.

    Meeting with the Principal:
    During the meeting with the principal, the team had an approach of persuading him to talk positve to the council of Montfort brothers, in case the council reconsiders the decision. The team persuaded the principal to take bygones be bygones and move forward in the larger interest of RSK as an institution. The message was well communicated to the principal and well received.

    Meeting with Provincial Superior:
    Provincial Superior was at Ariyalur in the afternoon. Sixteen of us drove to Ariyalur to meet him after speaking to him over phone.

    Provincial Superior expressed that:

  • 1.He had no desire for Montfort brothers, to go out of RSK but was forced to take the decision, after his council arrived at a conclusion that BHEL society does not require its services. The council made this inferrence since the meeting which he sought for repeatedly with the ED did not materialise.
  • 2. We are for transparency. We have been transparent as ever. Our account statements are verified and signed by no less than General Manager at BHEL. The accounting practices followed, were in line with various communication with BHEL over the years.
  • 3. He did agree that no personal effort was made in contacting the BHEL management over phone or in person.

    Given this scenario, when we alumni expressed a need for a face to face meeting, he said, that is what he tried for. Now, he felt helpless as it was too late and they have made arrangements to leave. There was warmth in the way that he talked to us. There was anguish and pain in his talk that things did not turn better.

    We presented the banner which said BHEL + MONTFORT = RSK signed by all the alumni. He was touched and moved. We repeated our plea to have a face to face meeting with BHEL Management, before taking a final call. He said that it would have to be a decision by council and that nothing is impossible if God so wills.

    We got back to school by 9:30 pm. We had been discussing all that had happened and concluded:
    "Given that, at the core of both of them was pain and remorse and that they recognise the contribution of each other to RSK, it makes good sense to have a face to face meeting before taking a final call. Better late than never. Reaffirming mutual trust can solve and save the institution which has done very well over 42 years."

    We thanked everyone for the solidarity, a sense of togetherness and personal care that was the binding force that had brought us all together as RSKites and bid Good Night.

    Subject: I still feel positive
    Date: Tue, 28 Feb 2006 11:05
    From: "ranganathan sambasivam"
    Hi all,

    I received this poem today and felt good felt that we are destined to succeed and felt things will sort out. We need some positive spirit to let us work hard in solving this problem facing RSK.

    Things Work Out

    Because it rains when we wish it wouldn't,
    Because men do what they often shouldn't,
    Because crops fail, and plans go wrong-
    Some of us grumble all day long.
    But somehow, in spite of the care and doubt,
    It seems at last that things work out.

    Because we lose where we hoped to gain,
    Because we suffer a little pain,
    Because we must work when we'd like to play-
    Some of us whimper along life's way.
    But somehow, as day always follows the night,
    Most of our troubles work out all right.

    Because we cannot forever smile,
    Because we must trudge in the dust awhile,
    Because we think that the way is long-
    Some of us whimper that life's all wrong.
    But somehow we live and our sky grows bright,
    And everything seems to work out all right.

    So bend to your trouble and meet your care,
    For the clouds must break, and the sky grow fair.
    Let the rain come down, as it must and will,
    But keep on working and hoping still.
    For in spite of the grumblers who stand about,
    Somehow, it seems, all things work out.

    S Ranganathan

    From: "ranganathan sambasivam"
    Date: Wed Mar 1, 2006 5:10 am
    Subject: Reaction to The Hindu report

    Dear All,

    There was a report in The Hindu on the proceedings of yesterday. I had expressed that the report has not reflected the spirit of the mission or the true facts as it is . I have faxed my reactions to The Editer, The Hindu. ( The details of the fax is given later in the letter.

    Link to find the report : Hindu Article

    I should also confess that some of our members who have interacted with the media have contributed towards fueling the conflict then to facilitate a resolution. I am sad to note that such people do form a part of our family and all there actions are ensuring the destruction of the institution( I am not sure if it is delibrate action or a delibrate mistake not knowing the consiquence of there action) . I would like all our members to restrain from such actions as this will not help the cause of resolving the conflict. I hope diplomacy prevails.

    S Ranganathan

    My Letter to The Editer, The Hindu.

    Dear Sir,

    SUB : Feedback on the report titled “ To be associated with it or not” The Hindu dated 1st March, 2006.

    I write this mail after reading the report in The Hindu dated 1st March, 2006. The report was titled "To be associated with it or not" the context being RSK and the current crisis faced and the OSA's mission in resolving the conflict. I write this letter as I was a part of the member of the team which is working towards resolving this conflict.

    I would like to indicate that the report does not reflect the true spirit of the mission, its findings and the outcome. I draw your attention to the enclosed report of the OSA which has been reported to our RSK Alumni newsgroup forum. ( I attached the mail writen by Bala)

    Given the gravity of the situation and our desire to resolve the conflict this report has not helped the cause. Given the legacy of The Hindu and the spirit it hold in the media I request you to do the needful to report the true findings of the mission. This we believe could facilitate both parties to come back to discussion.

    I request you to take the sensitivity of the situation into consideration in any of the reporting process adopted. For I am sure you will work toward helping this great institution called RSK ( to us it is BHEL + Monfort Brothers) stand the test of times and survive in its current form.

    In case you have any clarification please do not hesitate to contact me. I would appreciate you support.

    With warm regards,
    S Ranganathan

    Subject: Important: Have you written your view to BHEL and Montfort Brothers?
    From: Vijay Premkumar (vijay_premkumar(at)
    Date: Wednesday, February 22, 2006 9:13 am

    Hi All,
    Time is running short! We have only a few days left before we try SOMETHING from our side... If we could do something for the School that brought us where we are, it would be NOW!

    Write your view on whether the Montfort Brothers and BHEL should continue or not... Write NOW! The addresses are given below...

    The ED, BHEL -
    The Executive Director,
    Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited,
    Tiruchirapalli - 600014.

    The Provincial Superior, Montfort Brothers -
    Rev Bro.Dhanaraj,
    Provincial Superior,
    Montfort Brothers of St.Gabriel,
    Villa Montfort,
    Tiruchirappalli - 620009

    And do not forget... Feb 27, Monday! All Alumni to assemble at the School! Please let us know if you would be one among them...

    Thanks and Regards,
    Vijay Premkumar

    Subject: A word of Thanks by a teacher
    Date: Tue, 28 Feb 2006 18:34:35
    From: Christina Charlet

    Dear Members of the RSK Alumini Association , Thank you so much for the care and love you have shown to your Alma mater , by being there with us one day and trying your level best to set thing alright.
    Your concern and the positive way in which you looked at things gave us hope.
    If God wills Montfort Brothers to be here it will be done. There is one more month ,30 more days to hope for the best. No effort taken will go in vain. Thank you once again students.

    With much appreciation
    Mrs Jeyashree Christopher
    (PGT Dept of Chemistry )

    Suject: Thanks from our School Librarian
    From: Christina Charlet - Margaret Xavier (Librarian – R.S.K)
    Dear Loving R.S.Kites ,
    One of the greatest things that make life worthwhile is a heart – to – heart friendship. Well, regarding the Alma mater it is all God’s plan ……… What to do ?
    Still, it is comforting to know that someone dear to us shares our sorrow.

    With all Good wishes and Prayers !!

    Love ,
    Margaret Xavier (Librarian – R.S.K)

    Subject: RE: A word of Thanks by a teacher
    Date: Wed, 1 Mar 2006 00:54:15 +0530
    From: "Ramakrishnan.M.R, ISDC Chennai"

    Dear Miss

    hope you are doing well. I am indeed saddened to keep track of the happenings... i really think it is time that we start discussing and putting into place some framework that can ensure that the lifeline of the institution... the teachers and staff... are adequately addressed and retained to continue their wonderful service to the students that know to benefit from them. While people try progressing a mediation, it is prudent that we start thinking assuming the negative. Any help in this regard or thoughts, please lets discuss.

    From: Swathika Anand
    Date: Tue Feb 28, 2006 2:15 pm
    Subject: Re: [rskalumni] RSK Alumni Endeavour on 27 February 2006

    Dear Mr.Balakrishnan

    Thank you so much for the update. Many of us Rskites are so far away from our homeland and the least we could do were to send letters to both the parties. Hats off to each and everyone of you who took time out of your busy schedule, went in person and did what you deemed would save the situation. Words of praise arent sufficient for such work. Lets continue to do what we can do.


    Subject: Thanks
    Hi Ramakrishnan,
    Thanks for your mail. Actually the thanks should go to all the RSKites who have done what you have recognised in your mail. There has been a whale of spontaneous , selfless effort by numerous people that was discernibly evident through out the exercise. That feeling was a big motivating factor for all of us in the ardous task. I am sure that the feelings and the sense of identity of fellow RSKites spread away in far off lands would have been no different.

    The RSK bonding just got stronger.


    From: "Sivakumar Prithiviraj"
    Date: Thu Feb 16, 2006 12:29 am
    Subject: An Appeal - BHEL and Montfort Brothers must get to the table and dialogue before they take a final call

    Dear Balakrishnan,
    Great effort and kudos to the Chennai chapter for sitting out and coming up with a very practical agenda. You have my full support in this regard. As suggested by you, I will send letters to both Dr. Gopalakrishnan and Bro Dharmaraj. However as my daughter is appearing for her ICSE exams from March 1, I may not be able to make it to Trichy on 27th Feb.

    All the very best and keep us all posted on the outcome of the meeting.

    P.Sivakumar (Batch of 1980)

    Dear all:

    A real thank you for all the people working towards making the situation amicable. It is really great to see the kind of maturity shown by the RSK Alumini team in taking up this challenge.

    May I wish you all the good luck & my prayers are with you to resolve this issue.

    Best Regards
    Shyam Gopalakrishna (Batch - 1989)

    From: Christina Charlet (trenagrace(at) Date: Sat Feb 25, 2006 2:00 pm
    Subject: Letter i sent + Fax No.

    Hi all,
    I am a 2005 batch student.
    the fax number of BHEL common server is 0431 - 2520383 address it to ED and send it .(It goes to the office )

    Action Plan - Send mail to BHEL & RSK

    Date: Wed Feb 17, 2006
    Hi All,

    After Bala's mail sent a couple of days back, we now have an action plan for the current situation.
    The Action ->
    a) All alumni write to the Executive Director of BHEL and the Provincial Superior of Montfort Brothers personally about the view that the two should continue forward as one unit. This should be done as soon as possible.
    The Executive Director,
    Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited,
    Tiruchirapalli - 600014.

    Rev Bro.Dhanaraj,
    Provincial Superior,
    Montfort Brothers of St.Gabriel,
    Villa Montfort,
    Tiruchirappalli - 620009

    Responsibility -> All Alumni

    b) Maintain a copy of those letters.
    Responsibility -> All Alumni

    c) As soon as you send these letters, please let me know by an email.
    Responsibility -> All Alumni

    d) Spread the news around to as many people as possible.
    Responsibility -> All Alumni and Steering Committee.

    e) I will consolidate a list of the people who have actioned Item 'a' above.
    Responsibility -> Vijay (Class of 96)

    Responsibility -> All Alumni

    g) People who are coming for the Feb 27 Show of Support to register their availability on that day with me. Please do plan to be there. RSK needs you now, more than ever before!
    Responsibility -> All Alumni

    h) To make all necessary arrangements for this Show of Support, with BHEL and Montfort Brothers.
    Responsibility -> Valliappan/Bala/Steering Committee

    The most important thing is that we all converge at School on the 27th. It might be a tall ask for people far away. But, this is a moment of crisis, and in order to safeguard the legacy of RSK, we need to be able to do it! It could be that one day that would make a lot of difference. A massive alumni could do anything. Just 100 people turning up would make it a damp flop-show! So, do make it. We need you!

    For any clarifications, please feel free to mail me or Bala.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Vijay Premkumar(Class of 96)
    Please replace (at) with @ when e-mailing

    "balakrishnan.k" (balakrishnank.bk(at)
    Date: Wed Feb 15, 2006 1:25 pm
    Subject: An Appeal - BHEL and Montfort Brothers must get to the table and dialogue before

    Hi RSKites,
    We had called for a impromptu meeting of RSKites residing in chennai who could be contacted over phone and met the next day at Cosmopolitan club on saturday. It was a good gathering of RSKites - with people who are in their forties to people who are in their twenties. There were expressions both emotional and very practical that were expressed wrt happenings at RSK. Though the meeting was impromptu in a day's notice, the discussions went on for 4 hours. As the dicussions and hours progressed the convergence of thought, understanding and action that emerged was:

    "BHEL and Montfort brothers must get to the table and dialogue before they take a final call". A spur of the moment, adhoc, incident-triggered reaction by the powers that be and subsequent stand-off, should not let decide the destiny of 4000 present students, families, a fantastic teaching faculty, a great legacy of 42 years and the identity of more than 5000 Alumni of RSK.

    RSK today is a great institution and "BHEL & Montfort brothers" have made this possible. We, the previleged RSKites, are very deeply indebted to them both. We hold in high esteem, the contributions of both.

    We reckoned that there have been issues through the years (It is unrealistic to expect that it would have been all blooms and roses all the way) and some of us gathered were privy to such earlier happenings. Both BHEL and Montfort brothers are institutions great in their own right and differences would have crept up many a times. The greatness was that, they could handle it in a manner that was smart, constructive and personally positive, so much so that vast majority of students never even knew about it. In any such relationship between very capable institutions, especially over a very long time, flash points can and do occur.

    Whatever may be the stand of the BHEL management or Montfort brothers , they owe to show to the people who have stakes in the outcomes , that they have had sincere and well meaning dialogues to resolve the presnt imbroglio, than taking a easy helpless attitude of quiting.

    From what we get to understand of the scenario, there has not been any dialogue, let alone meaningful dialogue, between BHEL and Montfort Brotehrs, before this decision of tremendous consequence is being taken to part ways. No proactive steps have been taken to resolve the deadlock, which seems to have come about with hurt egos. The parents, the students, the teachers, the old students have not taken proactive steps to get the BHEL management and Montfort brothers to get to the table. (Our specific enquiries with people in the know of matters surprisingly brought this out) There has been a sense of general helplessness and defeatist outlook at the turn of events.

    Our earnest request and the message we converged on is very clear. BHEL management and the Order of Montfort brothers, Please get together, at the highest levels on both sides, to the table and talk. Make a sincere attempt at expressing and resolving all matters of concern to both sides. Please give your time, attention and priority to address the matters positively. Take a final decision only after this exercise. We will stand by you both, in this time of difficulty.

    Your relationship is a great relationship. We are the results of the relationship. We shall do all that is called for us to give our best to see that we recognize, respect and keep up in great honour this relationship.

    Montfort brothers may start another school; BHEL management may continue to run a school at the present premises but neither will be the RSK that we belovedly hold dear to our hearts. With any of you two being out of the school, is taking away the soul that is RSK.

    They are not setting a good example before the students of the community in the manner in which differences or conflicts are being handled or resolved. The impressionable minds are being shown the wrong exmpales and behaviour. Both the institutions are of stature and they should show pragmatism, good insight and vision in the substance and as well as the manner in which they conduct themselves.

    Running a school is not just a commercial transaction of a service provider providing a service as vendor and a customer paying for it and getting the goods. There are tremendous social responsibilities that go with it.

    Both of you are a mature organisation, are pragmatic and have the ability of reason. We are sure that if you both get to talk, a viable realistic understanding will evolve.

    We take for granted that well wishers at Trichy would have applied minds and have taken efforts and would have tried whatever is to be tried, to address and resolve the issues. We came to understand from the people on ground at Trichy that no such effort has been underway between the BHEL management or Montfort brothers. For want of attention from the Alumni, we should not let this happening of tremendous consequence take place. We can make that difference. We can and should bring in that extra care, interest, walk that extra mile to soften the blow and make understanding possible and worth it. We are not to judge or advice. We are to bring in that scope of understanding. Reckon we are like children of great parents who are seeing difficult times. Quiting is easy way out. It is for us to show that their relationship was and is worth the while.

    We should give our attention and we can make a difference. We would have good access on both sides, with the brothers and with the BHEL leadership. We should activate them and take inititative. The collective understanding of the RSKites who met in Chennai is, with the present state of things, We CAN save the situation, if RSK alumni accord our attention.

    There are certain clear stumbling blocks. They can be removed. For this we need to get them both to the table, however non-retractable they both outwardly state their present position is. It is in our hands. We need to plead, gently use our good offices, our love, our sense of execellence and also our firmness, sense of righteousness to get them to the table. Each of the Alumni, whatever may the above type of approach YOU are capable of, please initiate such steps in your own style and address to the BHEL leadership and Montfort brothers. Write mails to them both and send them by post and courier. The addresses to write are

    The Executive Director,
    Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited,
    Tiruchirapalli - 600014.

    Rev Bro.Dhanaraj,
    Provincial Superior,
    Montfort Brothers of St.Gabriel,
    Villa Montfort,
    Tiruchirappalli - 620009

    Please let them know your concern. Please express your admiration, gratitude to them. Please request them to get to the table and talk. Please let them get to understand that the people who are affected and concerned are more than the present students and parents. It is a 5000 strong alumni that holds dear the legacy and heritage. Please post the letter addressed to both of them.

    Please preserve a copy of the letter. We would plan to be at school on February 27. We would be there from all locations. Please carry this letter with you. We would need to show affirmative group action and in good strength. We need to show that we are serious about our attention, priority, love, deep sense of pleading, a sense of excellence, firmness and a sense of righteousness to both of them. We need to show this in person. We have set our agenda for this from Chennai. We call all the RSKites from various parts of the country and the world in joining us. We can and we will make that difference.

    Action points:

  • 1. Each of you, in your own words and style, write letters addressed to both, BHEL leadership and Montfort Brothers and send them by post or courier as soon as possible. Let the letter have a positive outlook and urge them both to get to the table for dialogue before taking a final call. Express that you would stand by both of them in this time of difficulty and pray for a understanding. Persuade and motivate them for a dialogue. Please write, anything else that you think is important to convey to them. Even a simple letter or telegram would also do. The message is "please get to the table and dialogue before taking a final call".
  • 2. Preserve a copy of this letter.
  • 3. Plan to be at RSK on February 27.
  • 4. Stay in close touch with the mailing newsgroup and the website on RSK, or Updates and details on the plan would be available here.
  • 5. Bring along the copy of your letter when we all meet at RSK on February 27. We shall, as a large gathering proceed as a group to meet BHEL leadership and Provincial general. We shall persuade and motivate them to get to dialogue.
    balakrishnan.k 1983
    From: Rajesh Srinivasaraghavan
    rajesh_s(at) Please replace (at) with @ when e-mailing
    Date: Tue Jan 17, 2006 1:22 am
    Subject: Next Steps
    Hi all
    I just talked to bro augustine novello in yercaud (ph. 04281 223250). Montfort brothers side of the story seems to be financial. The problem, I understand, has been brewing for about 2-3 years.

    He thinks at least a dialogue between BHEL hour and montfort brothers through alumni/or parents of students might be helpful. Unfortunately, sitting in the US this is not something, I can make happen. He suggested that the pricipal, bro marriam(?) can speak on behalf of the montfort brothers

    Can anyone in trichy mediate a meeting between the two.

    I think we should first try to see if montfort brothers will stay on atleast till the end of the school year (may 2006)

    Does any one have lloyd sir's number/email I'd or any teacher's contact info (email or phone)

    Rajesh Srinivasaraghavan

    From: Rajesh
    Date: Tue Jan 17, 2006 3:48 pm
    Subject: Next Steps
    hi folks,

    Thanks for all the update. My sense from what I have seen is that there might be some hope to salvage this situation. The primary reason to believe this is the 10 year contract that was signed by Montfort brothers and BHEL not too long ago.

    It might work more effectively to have a small group work on this and keep the larger alumni posted on progress. I am happy to coordinate the alumni efforts (albeit through email, sitting 20,000 miles away from trichy). We do need a small team that can help in this. I would like some volunteers. The volunteers have to be the single point of contact with the various parties involved in this. We can coordinate amongst volunteers and then bring the parties together. If you can volunteer to help FIND and CONTINUOUSLY communicate with your party and via EMAIL with this group quickly, please email me by end of day Wednesday.

    Party 1. RSK PTA representative - Manoj can you help (2004)
    Party 2. Montfort Brother - through the principal - Vijay? (1996)
    Party 3. BHEL HRD Manager - sons/daughters of (ex-)BHEL staff whose parents still have contacts - Raghu Nathan (1998)/Ganapathy? - (1988)
    Party 4. Faculty - Senthil (MC - 1991) can you work with Lloyd/Raju?
    Party 5. Students - Manoj can you help? (2004)
    Party 6. OSA - Someone based in Trichy who can make time for face to face meetings! (VijayKrishnan - 1990?)

    Rajesh (Class of 1991).
    Please replace (at) with @ when e-mailing