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Abdul rahim Hi i am Abdul Rahim, hope many guys & girls remember me, i am presently working in saudi arabia in a big construction group as QA/QC Manager. Today i am with all this proud, happiness, name & fame is all due to my teachers who really took care of me and also due to good support from my wife.. I was really mischivious with my friends,really a very good gang of friends i had, i really miss all those old golden days in my life now, i always think of my precious friends who where with me.I am proud to be an RSK Student.

Albert christopher sukumar

Anand kumar r anaesthesiologist in manchester UK, I am extremely proud to be an RSKite. Oh dear how I wish I can get back to those best old days

Anupa roopesh Working as an accountant in a shipping company in Doha .My present address Galaxy service ,post box no:4752 doha qatar.My comments about the school.In my next birth i want to be a student of RSK In my BHEL atmosphere.Address in India is Prasannam Kakkad Kannur -5

Aravindan j Finished B.Com in St joseph college Trichy, Decided to do business and selected garments exports,live in Coimbatore have garment factory in Tirupur,when ever I solve an issue ,When i got my first order from my UK coustomer i literally kissed the feet of all my school teachers ,as it is them who had given a wrong foundation and feed courage inn each and every contact 9840338382

Aravindan.j Please read as strong courage

Arun kumar r Currently a Functional Consultant with TCS,Bangalore," I remember the song from the movie Autograph when I think about school", Proud to be an RSKite, Anybody remembers me as the Commerce guy who sang in the XII class group??????/ URL: Can be reached at 9900118856

Arun kumar r. Can be reached at Bangalore on 9900118856

Arun ranganathan Last heard of: Married to Ganga and settled in Michigan Claim to fame: Kutti Arun who could whistle and bring rain!

Arunkumar.s L & T Chennai.

Ashiq pasha Last heard of: On his way to attend his brother's wedding. Next in line? Claim to fame: The younger of the Pasha brothers; he liked Sandow erasers!

Ashok chinnappa

Babu nizam.k. i am married and living in Pondicherry, did chemical engineering and MBA in operations management; i am working for Hindustan Lever Limited, my wife is a dental surgeon . I have a daughter studying in 3 rd class i miss RSK and the class of 90 some times i see the siljet annual magazine see all our teachers and remember the good old days and all the prayer songs and the pranks we used to do in school and i kenny rogers songkeep telling me that ..... life was easier 20 years ago......

Balakumar . r Multi Discipline Inspector ( OIL & GAS ), OMAN,listening music and talking with friends,really good days at school and thanks for coming to this level

Baskaran a. Data: Finished his Chartered Management Accounting, also completed his Masters at Newport Univ, California. Currently residing in London, working as an accountant for a plc.

Beena.k Married and settled in Calicut.Working for Baby Memorial Hospital.Husband flourishing in Business.

Bhaskar u. Data: Finished his Masters from Kingston Univ, Canada and working in Los Angeles, CA Last heard of: Roaming the streets of Los Angeles, preaching Padayappa quotes to hapless by-standers. Claim to fame: This seemingly studious IITian revealed his fun side after he went to college. And then there was no stopping him.

Bobby cheriyan Currently I am working in Singapore(Semb Environmental Pte ltd.).Hi. all. May God bless you and your family members and bring joy to all of you in the years to come

C latha i'm in saudi arabia, My husband -shanmuga sundaram also an RSKite 4 yrs senior to me & we're blessed with one daughter Geethanjali in grade IX , We often discuss abt those green memories (banyan tree, play ground & ofcourse our efficient teachers) Where r u my famous 5, silver 6?? Hoping to resume our network again!!!

Chainlu v.s.r.a Claim to fame: Ask him to expand his initials! Think he compensated for his stature?

Chocka running a factory@ coimbatore.i luv&miss RSK

Christopher jayakumar Senior Radiographer,Muscat,Painting

Davidson jebaseela d R3-558,BHEL township, Trichy India 620014

Edward stalin m r Data: Working in San Diego, CA, after he finished his MS in SUNY, Buffalo. Last heard of: Active webmaster, list supervisor for the RSK 90. Claim to fame: The infamous Romeo and Romeo, Inc. with Raj. URL: Class of 1990 Web site

Ganesan. k I am now permanently settled in Adelaide, Australia & working as a stock broker, would love to hear from all my friends, still cherish my life at R.S.K

Geo george Working in Muskogee, Oklahoma USA as Shipping & Quality Coordinator. happily married.

Gireesh v Presently in Wipro Technologies,Bangalore.Married in Dec 2003.

Gireesh vedachalam Presently with Wipro ,Chennai.Reachable at URL: 91 9841812123

Gnanalatha r Those days at RSK were my golden days. Now I am in Coimbatore with my family. Settled with two children. Looking after husband's business. I am working as a teacher for a public school

Gnanalatha r. teacher

Gopichandran r Claim to fame: "Brigadier" Gopi was as unstoppable as a tank.

Hari krishnan Hi guys wish you all a happy life

Harikrishan Married 2 kids and still flying kites as Manager- Yield Management, Emirates Airlines

Harini n Presently Asst Professor in Amrita University, Amrita School of Engineering, Department of CSE, Coimbatore

Hemamalini.r Head HR, Global Service Center, Chennai division of DHL Logistics Pvt Ltd( Freight Forwarding division)

Jaison joseph Scientist, ISRO, Trivandrum, Kerala


Jayaseelan m Data: Working as a chef in the Grand Cayman island, British West Indies Last heard of: Drooling over all the lovely tourist spots in the world, which he luckily got a chance to visit on his previous job Claim to fame: A singer with a soulful voice.

Jojo john I work for royal caribbean cruises ,out of miami ,recently married to sakhyfrancis,When iam not working ,Iam in Bangalore,Iplay tennis ,go hiking if possible ,I know most of the water holesin bangalore & bombay,Most of my infamous hobbies are out as ,i got married recently. I proud to be an rskite,Iam glad somebody is doing something about it .

Joy thomas Finance Head / Angola . Missing friends. Alll the time. I do nothing but think about you all day, just replaying moments in my head, wondering what the next reunion has in store for us. It's okay though, we always make new beautiful memories that were worth the wait

K p arun kumar Iam working with Reliance Group presently at Bangalore Iam the Circle Security Officer taking care of the Reliance Assetes through out Karnataka. I love to go back to my school if God asks me for a wish.

Kalpana a im in jipmer.....pondicherry..........part of famous 5 and silver six

Kannan ( also known as pachonthee) Love girls as usual, haven't shed the habit even upon marriage.

Kartik krishnamurthy Data: Working in Singapore. Last heard of: Sent a request to be on the mailing list and went into oblivion. Claim to fame: Very cheerful and jovial person who had a cute accent

Kasinathan shunmugham Data: Working in Dallas, TX after his MS in Univ of Kansas. Last heard of: Driving a pick-up truck in the dirt roads of Dallas, trying to learn how to barbecue a crocodile! Claim to fame: Very tenacious athlete and pole-vaulter, whose silent facade betrays a fun-loving soul.

Kavitha tumkur Data: Working in Maryland and married to Mr. Tumkur (duh!) Last heard of: Begging the mailing list folks to keep from sending junk mail. Claim to fame: A gorgeous smile and a sweet voice with which she sings 'Aao na'

Krish N Data: MD in UK? Last heard of: Doctoring in UK. Claim to fame: The hand cricket pitch outside his house, sure brings back memories to a few of us!

Krithika muthuswamy I'm currently working as the senior analyst for a firm in the Chicagoland area, USA. My work keeps me quite busy, however, I can always make time to keep in touch with others.

Kuttan priya System Analyst, Coimbatore.

Latha pappachan Hi , RSK was the loveliest period in my life. Would love to meet you all . Remeber Rajkumar sir, Surendran sir, Getsy miss. Lloyd sir. That was a lovely time..I am an SAP consultant currently am at Netherland . Married to Mr. Nathan and my daughter muktha is 1.5 yrs

Lego Joseph Data: Working in New York, New York Claim to fame: He was an ardent fast-talking quizmaster.

Lokesh uthappa I m presently based out of Lagos, Nigeria. Working for Telecom Company & heading their Prepaid Distribution across Nigeria. Hobbies in School: Playing Football. RSK schooling has played a major part in my current position. Without the strong foundation at school & great teachers. I doubt we would have done well in life...My cheers to my lovely school always.

M.nagajothy I have completed MCA in Seethalakshmi Ramaswamy college in Trichy. Now i am in Bangalore. I am working in CTS. I am trying to find my collegemates (Srividya, swapna, geetha,lakshmi sankaran,Jayanthi,Nirmala,Sujatha,Umadevi,Visalaksi,Anu,etc.,).Please help me to findout my friends. Please reach me at

Magesh s Hi, am rsk' ite 1990 batch. presently living in qatar with family, working for qatar aluminium. wish to be in touch with old mates. any1 living in qatar from rsk trichy 1990? e mail me. i

Manish singh mehra LT MANISH SINGH c/o56 a.p.o. INDIA

Manoharan d Doosan Babcock, sakthi kayalvizhi

Manoharan.d Presently am in Chennai with a company called Doosan Babcock. I am married to Sakthi Kayalvizhi.

Manoj varghese working with TATA MOTORS making cars based in pune , enjoying life with my wife Susmitha and son Tejas 3 years old

Mohamed rafique

Murugavel j Presently at Hyderabad,working for ICICI.

Murugavel jayachandran In Chennai with Kotak Mahindra

Nadig hi every body,been in the US since 1996 living happily with my husband (Murali) and daughter (Prerana) in Tustin CA.Working as an insurance billing manager for a Neurologist.drop in when u are in LA

Nagajothy I have completed MCA in Seethalakshmi Ramaswamy college in Trichy. Now i am in Bangalore. I am working in CTS. I am trying to find my collegemates (Srividya, swapna, geetha,lakshmi sankaran,Jayanthi,Nirmala,Sujatha,Umadevi,Visalaksi,Anu,etc.,).Please help me to findout my friends.

Namratha hi every body,been in the US since 1996 living happily with my husband (Murali) and daughter (Prerana) in Tustin CA.Working as an insurance billing manager for a Neurologist.drop in when u are in LA

Naresh Presently in Sun Microsystem ,Bangalore,India. Reachable in 9845117404. Will be glad to interact with RSKites anytime.

Naresh pisharody

Nicholas basker Data: Finished his MS in Michigan and working for a Bay Area company from India. Last heard of: Drinking lemon juice with the other RSK 90 folks. Claim to fame: His scratching the back of his head with a sheepish smile bearing cannot be forgotten!

P.jayakumar I presently Education Administrator in India (09447308423) and Gulf Countries( URL: 97430277280) and Senior Faculty in IITJEE, AIEEE, AIPMT for Chemistry. Frequent travelling- Gulf,Delhi,Kota, Hyd, Chennai, Trichy and anchored at Cochin.I reside in a typical Indian Village in Palakkad , Kerala with my parents, wife and Twin-KI DS with fresh oxygen,blue water and everlasting memories of School and College days from Trich ancestral Home

Palaniappan s Data: After his MS, he is working in Detroit, MI. Married to Mrs. Palaniappan! Last heard of: Active on the mailing list. Claim to fame: He played chess, and carrom. A regular visitor of the KC.

Pavitra subramanian Data: Working in Oakland, CA. Settled with her husband Srikant. Last heard of: Active on the mailing list. Claim to fame: This silent siren, has a voice to die for.

Peter cyril jones Day in and day out I see how well our school has prepared me to face life. I have a sort of filial piety towards our school owing to the service of my parents who retired after 30 plus years of service and all the teachers of this distinguished institution. My wife and I with our son, live in Lansing, Michigan, United States. I am in touch with quite a few classmates and schoolmates. I would love to get in touch with long lost friends.

Pitchai sreeram

Prabhu r Data: Finished his Air Force training and posted in Punjab. Last heard of: In the mailing list on Ramanan's request, never chose to break the silence Claim to fame: His gruff voice, and a name to match (Tirumalai).

Prabu r k Its great feeling to log on to this list, its homecoming. I work and live in Pune (India) in telecommunication engg. I am married to Amudha and have a son (Sudarshan).

Prabu r k (thirumalai)

Prasad k m Last heard of: In the mailing list, and has been quite for a long time. Claim to fame: This studious little chap, was a slogger!

Praseetha working as a teacher at Kannur

Preetha. p Presently working for an leading advertising agency in Dubai as accountant, Husband's name Mr. Umesh. K working for Hitachi in dubai, daughter Sneha 2yrs.

Premjith b Data: Working for Price Waterhouse after his MBA from IIM, Calcutta. Last heard of: Drinking his heart out in the Big Bang Bash! Claim to fame: This organiser knew what to do, and is the one person responsible for this whole Class of 90 gang thing!

Priya kuttan Working as Systems Analyst at ELGI, Coimbatore. Settled at Coimbatore. Proud to be an RSKite.

Priyadarshini kurup-premkumar Hi, I have been in Chennai since 1988, happily married for 10 years. Am a proud homekeeper and indulge in interior decorating, as a hobby. Love entertaining friends, cooking up gourmet meals and shopping. Have recently been intoduced to the old RSK network through Orkut. Thanks to Premjith!!!

Raghuram c Data: Working in Dallas, TX after his MS from Univ of Tennessee. Last heard of: Basking at the dreams and sulking at the phone bills, after his engagement. Claim to fame: His road-trips to Singapore and Malaysia before he went home from school! URL:

Rajasekharan c Data:Product Support Manager, Oracle Corporation, Bangalore. Last heard of: Very active in the mailing list, until he came under fire for sending forwarded mails. Claim to fame: This lanky commerce guy, had a way with the fairer sex!

Rajkumar p Data: Working for SUN Microsystems in San Jose, CA and settled with his wife Gayathri. Last heard of: Hosting reunions, promising mug shots, and a whole lot of other things! Claim to fame: He was full of ideas. The creative mastermind with a knack for humorous writing, was a delight to work with.

Ramanan.s.v Working for GE in Madras, India.. On Sabbatical, doing MBA at ISB. Last heard of: The gripe mill of the list, always tells the stories first! Claim to fame: He along with Gireesh, had a secret esoteric score to settle!

Ramesh g Data: Working in Bangalore after his MCA from REC, Trichy. Last heard of: Been a while since he wrote to the list. Claim to fame: He was hard-working and a surprisingly good footballer!

Rangarajan r calyanakoti Telecom Software Engineer, NJ, USA. Last heard of: An active participant in the mailing list, with ulterior motives! Claim to fame: Very sociable chap who made every one remember his Keladi Kanmani

Rejula u k Working for SBI in Mumbai

Rejula uk Working for SBI in Mumbai. Husband Manav Kitsu working for Hanjin Shipping, Kids Vaishnav, 8 yrs. and Aarav 2 yrs. Seeking to renew friendship with our CON GROUP

Resmy.v.k housewife,tiruchirappalli,reading,felt hurt verydeeply that the educational cultureof rsk is out of reach for the wards of the old students

Senthil v Hi I am a Radiologist working in Chennai. Did my MBBS and DMRD from Madras Medical College. My contact number is 98848 15182

Shanthi Business, MBA, Chennai,

Shibu.n.s Professsor

Shobana suresh I live in London, United Kingdom with my husband Suresh (SAP Consultant) and my 2 lovely kids Sujit and Shweta (who was just born on March 29, 2004).

Sireesha m Data: Doing an M Tech from IIT, Madras Last heard of: Asking for mettalurgy questions. Claim to fame: This lanky girl, was very hard-working.

Sita narayanan Data: Settled in Malaysia with her husband Narayanan. Last heard of: Finishing her computer courses with a local school. Claim to fame: She was a main singer in the orchestra, choir - a good-looking one at that.

Siva sankaravel Data: Working in Dallas, TX after his MS from Univ of Texas, Arlington. Last heard of: Fleeing the country till immigration forms were set in order! Claim to fame: The manmadhan of our batch, had a big following among the girls!


Sowmya natarajan Data: Working in Palo Alto, CA settled with her husband Natarajan. Last heard of: Working out Star Wars names along and inspiring other people to believe in the Force! Claim to fame: She was a great singer, and a good friend.

Sreelakshmi kolli Chief Digital Officer, San Francisco Bay area

Srinivas moka Hi...Presently in Sharjah working for a turnkey solution provider in the oil and gas dept... Recently shifted to sharjah after a nine and half year stint with Punj Lloyd in Delhi...travelling all over the world selling services.... Married to Sthuthi and proud father now..Snikita is 3 years old.

Srinivasan k Married and living in Indianapolis with Radhika. Currently working as a CIO for a state sponsered start up IT firm.

Srividya bobji Heading a BU in US/Canada.Proud to be an RSKite.

Sugantha n Data: Working in Bangalore, India Last heard of: Complaining about the weather in Delhi. Claim to fame: She's got the looks, and a definite fan following! URL:

Sunil Presently working in brunei as QA/QC manager in oil and gas industry. Mostly everybody recognises me as BATA sunil

Sunil p(bata)

Sunil.k In Abu Dhabi (U.A.E) as Inspection Engineer, Left School after Std X (1988)

Sunitha j Scientist German Cancer Research Institute, Germany, Studied till 8 std in RSK ie till 1986...memorable time

Suresh v Data: Working in Ohio Last heard of: Already has become a Jedi Knight, by seeing Star Wars on the first day! Claim to fame: This chubby-cheeked chap left the school early, but managed to get in touch!

Suresh.b Update: Sep 2010. Occupation: Trying to follow my passion... settled in Houston, Texas. Hobbies: Camping, Kayaking, Jet skiing, cooking, raw food preparation, reconnecting with my inner source ;-). Connect with me in Facebook if you are already there.

Swarna latha Principal AP MODEL School, Rapthadu , Anantapur. A.P. eager to meet all our batch mates 9490982433

T.j. Works for Emirates Airlines in Dubai

Venkatachalam v b working as General Manager in a mfg Co, Chennai, Blessed with my wife N S Lekshmy, a Vocal Music artist from Trivandrum and cute kids Sriram (X) and Sarada (8th std). Not a day goes by without uttering our esteemed school, be it for dedicated teachers, play, literary association and extra curriculars. what a life we had. our kids really miss such wonderful life

Vidya balakrishnan Data: Working in San Diego, CA, after her MS in Wright State University, OH Last heard of: Getting married to Vinodh (no, not the below one) and working on being with her sweetheart. Claim to fame: She was the last in line, really! Many guys would die to be her height!

Vijayakrishnan v Owing a S/W development concern and a Finance consultancy firm at Trichy.

Vimal kumar stephen k. Software Professional Address: 6/60, 5th cross,Bhelpur, Thiruverumbur, Trichy, India

Vinodh kumar Data: Working in Bangalore, India. Last heard of: Getting drunk in Bangalore, with the rest of the CON gang! Claim to fame: Mottai, was what he had and called, when he was at school.

Vinodh kumar v.s. Work for Infosys. Married to Devika, I have a son Rakshit (14 Months old).

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