New management to take over R.S.K. Higher Secondary School at Kailasapuram
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Montfort Brothers of St. Gabriel terminate agreement with BHEL
TIRUCHI: Montfort Brothers of St. Gabriel have reportedly terminated their agreement with the BHEL for running the R.S.K. Higher Secondary School, Kailasapuram.

Having run the institution successfully for 40 years, the Provincial, which renewed the 10-year contract two years ago, decided to end its association with the BHEL since the latter had "cast aspersions" on its integrity in managing the institution.

While the school management states that the institution is short of funds to maintain the buildings and pay salary to teachers for the next couple of months due to the "disinclination" on the part of the BHEL to make good the subsidy in the school's fee structure for wards of the industry employees, the BHEL, in its recent letter to the management had sought specific details of the computer fee and bus transport fee in the details of expenditure furnished by the management. Out of 4,800 students in the primary, junior and main schools, nearly 3,000 are wards of BHEL employees.

The BHEL had questioned the propriety of the Provincial to run the R.S.K. Higher Secondary School, referring to the latter's efforts under way to start a school at Kattur, a few km away, and fearing a conflict of interests. The Provincial explains that the decision to start the new school was taken against the backdrop of the R.S.K. HSS receiving over 700 applications for admission each year, against vacancies for 240 seats, with the idea of admitting the spillover applicants.

The BHEL has responded to a communication sent by Provincial stating its decision to quit with a relieving order, it is learnt. The Provincial will, however, continue to manage the school till mid-April, 2006, to coincide with the culmination of the academic year.

The institution, started in the name of the first Executive Director of BHEL, R.S.Krishnan, is likely to be taken over by a new management at the start of the next academic year. Teachers admit that the situation has crystallised to a situation that is beyond redemption, and are left with the hopes for a smooth transition in the interests of students.

The BHEL has formed a seven-member committee to take care of the material requirements of the school such as books and notebooks till then. The committee comprises three representatives of the BHEL Educational Society, a senior teacher each from the primary, junior and main schools, and a representative of the Parents-Teachers' Association.