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Abhiramakrishnan d Systems Engineer , Teknoturf Info Services Coimbatore, RSK-The Place where i Grew..Hats Off RSK

Alagappan.n i m now in chennai, listening music alone,class

Angeline beulah j I am ever grateful to RSK for making me What I am today .Im working for Infosys,Chennai

Anjan kumar m I am currently doing my MS at Arizona State University, USA. I left RSK when I was in 7th std (1996). I can never forget my wonderful childhood days at RSK and will cherish them forever. RSK is the best!

Anu Hi Guys....... How r u all? Happy to be an part of RSK... I am in chennai currently working with SCOPE International.......


Balasundaram r .

Balasundaram.r Dear friends, This is my first mail after 4yrs leaving R.S.K.(The Great).

Bharathraj.v Hello all, Hope you guys remember me and I hope all are doing good. I am Bharath who left RSK at 10th standard. Completed Diploma in Mechanical Engineering in Trichy and B.Tech in Mechanical engineering in National University of Singapore. Currently working as Quality Engineer in Oils & Gas sector and I am a Permanent Resident in Singapore. Will think about RSK at least every week. Good memories which cannot be erased easily. Hope we all meet one day like 96 movie. If anyone coming to Singapore ping me. Lets have a meetup here. Until then stay safe and enjoy everyday.

Chandramouli.a.s Tesco hsc, software engg, Bangalore

Dhanya just to wish for RSK for its spectacular performance

Dhruv singh RSK is "BETTER" than the BEST ...... I am presently studying at IIT Kanpur.....and I owe RSK for wherever I am today. URL:

Dineshkumar.l R.S.K. - IT IS A MATCHLESS MATCH studying in angalamman coll of engg and tech, 2yr mech

Divya krishnan this was "the" place that framed me...i owe all that i am today to RSK...


E.rammohan hai i am doing my be(eee) at vlb tech coimbatore .

Felix.r Hai Friends this Felix.R a 2002 passout.I miss the good old at yhis school.

Ganesh.g. east or west RSK is the best


Gokul p I am currently working as a Software Tester in Bangalore. RSK is a world which makes a mould of a student.

Hariharan.n This has too little space to describe rsk's role in my life.

Harish chandra i hold our school close to my heart.

Hema working


Imran teaching of electronics subjects

J.prasanna (ponniah) "I ain't got no money, I ain't got no car to take you on a date"....but whatever I have its because of RSK ....miss u all URL: WWW.GOOGLE.COM (No Results found)

Jaykishan There is a bit of RSK in whatever I think, say or do....

Jebaraj samuel-j A place where future is moulded and shaped .

Jebaraj samuel.j architect

Jwalya.r my best reach out. keep contacts with me

K.prabu prabu .k currently doing mechanical engineering final year ,those days in R.S.K would never be back in my life time

Karthik.k Working in Cognizant Technology Solutions,Chennai...Cant forget the pleasant memories of RSK...East or West RSK is the best..

Karthikeyan.m a fair face may fade, but a beautiful soul last forever and so does r .s. k.......

Kasthuri rangan Hi All, I am currently working in Data Analytics kn US. RSK brings wonderful memories of my childhood

Krishna moorthy Miss U all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Krishna moorthy sreenivasan I am presently doing my PhD in Biochemistry from Max planck Institute for Biochemistry, Munich.

Kubendhraselvi Hi friends, very much happy to hear you back here.Iam in chidambaram AU. I finished my M.Sc., M.Ed., Eagerly waiting to see you all.bye to all r.s.kites.

Lakshmidaran rajagopal planning engineer,dubai (I cant forget my school days and friends in RSK)

Meena.s hai rskites

Mohamed yousuff.k R.S.K my constructor...I am happy to be a part of R.S.K family...

Mohan Hey guys, How yall been, i dunno if u guys rem me, cuz i rem couple of u guys. only names i rem are yamini,ram, vinod n julie that are in top of my head rite now. I Left Rsk when i was in my 4th standard. Now im currently in Canada. I tght it would be pretty cool to leave a msg. If any u guys rem me leave me a msg. im pretty sure atleast yamini would rem me ...haha.. anyways i had fun visitin this website...hope to see u guys someday soon...

Monika missing school days and friends a lot!!!!!

Muruga balaji that memorable school days will never come back again... missing a lot

Nagamuthulakshmi k I like to remember those days in RSK with my frinds i am working for cognizant in chennai... URL:

Nagamuthulakshmi k I like to remember those days in RSK with my frinds i am working for cognizant in chennai...

Namratha.t 1st year,JJcet. R.S.K. is really GRE.........AT, the BEST and always THE FIRST.

Navaneeth s r In United Kingdom, working as a Metallurgist

Naveen Hi my dear RSKites hope all are jst rockin this beautiful world.... right now i am doing my MBA in BIM... believe it or not our school is a real heaven on earth which makes me feel proud even now..... miss u all

Neeraja.s hey !!!!!.RSK is HEAVEN!!!!!! i really miss that life.....i'm presently doing my 3rd mechanical in BITS PILANI..........i can definitely assure that RSK is the best...and rskites ...are great.... my life in RSK was tooooooooo cool...missing you all looooooooooooooooooooooooots!!!! hey i think i shd. stop now....

Nikhil verma I am currently in working Hyderabad. Sorely miss my school days.


Nithya grace missing school days and friends a lot!!!!!

Nithya rajarajan Biotech Researcher, UK..RSK habituated every childhood to "Be just and Fear not" Lasting for a Lifetime..made me a person what i am today ..Proud to be a RSKite URL:

Nittin vignesh.b hi iam nittin studied till 10th in r.s.k , presently doing my B.ARCH at sathyabama deemed university

Nivetha thampi studying 11th in kerala,trivandrum,hobbies are dancing,singing,designing etc. rsk was a wonderful school...very diciplined and perfect students

Novoneeth.r hai every RSkites i'm in PSG college of tech in coimbatore,I think i'm first of all a citizen of RSK and then acitizen of india

P.santhiagu antony raj hai guyz this is san i am doing my BE (CSE) at SACET(Trichy),

P.santhiagu antony raj hi everyone this is san ,working in korea,I will relish each moment i had in R.S.K forever.

Parthiban kr Hi, I am with Asian Paints, India. I miss those lovely days in School and in BHEL Township. Every bit of it!!! URL:

Philip (joseph) I left RSK after my 7th std, joined Campion AIHSS, completed BE, MBA (UK). Currently working for Mahindra Satyam-Chennai. Sweet memories @RSK, forever cherished. All the best pals...:)

Pradeep.m. Did my UG & PG in civil engineering , currently Employed for NTPC ltd

Prasanna sundaresan Childhood memories never fade away, and I spent a lot of it at RSK; A whiff of fresh air through the window is enough to reminisce the wonderful memories of the past: Junior School, E - sector, B - Sector, A - Sector, Main school banyan tree, School Ground, Class rooms, Centre Stage Podium (Junior and Main), Brother Julian' guest room (I was a special guest to his room, as I was crying a lot whining about separation from the old school friends :P), Nehru stadium, Girls High School, Boys High School ground, 5 Rs Sambar rice at canteen, guest house stop, Training centre, Ganesha, 24 canteen BHEL, Heats & Finals (pepsi cola :-) ), School bus, RSR T1, Amman (26 & 105) route buses, polished canvas shoes on PT days, black thunder and puliyanjolai tours (songs played during the tours Aval Varuvala from nerukku ner and Senyoreeta from poovellam kettupar respectively from the tours and karunya guest stay remain afresh in my mind)...imprint of wonderful collage in the heart forever....

Praveen.c Hi, I am doing my 1st year ECE at REC

Prince wesley.v longing memories..........

Priyadarsni Business Analyst in Mindtree Bangalore.

R.preethi Every student's dream is R.S.K

Raadesh rsk my almamater is really gr8 .want to go back to my school days... good teachers ,playground,lda,township its heaven on earth .doing cs in rec jaipur.

Radhika k RSK-a small world -which taught me a lot , not just subjects but life....

Raghavendran.r Hi ladies and gentlemen (As PJ mam wud cal us). I'm presently working for TCS, Chennai. Is OSA still active? I lost touch. Please feel free to contact me regarding anything organised by OSA. Reach me on 9244228955 or 9894351674. Mail to,,

Rajiv j working in TCS, Chennai. It 'll be great if I can have a time machine to rewind my days in RSK.. Hope to see u guys back in our school.

Ram.r Greetings everybody!! I owe a lot to this school, which taught me everything in life.. I am proud to be an RSKite..

Ramasubramanian t k juz gotta new site/blogspot in multiply. 'nybody know any group for RSK in multiply? URL:

Ramasubramanian.t.k hi friends.. Updating contact details.. now working as an associate professor in vision kota, belgaum, training young minds in physics for IIT-JEE URL:

Ramya j Hi Friends.. Always R.S.K is the Best.. Im working for WIPRO, Chennai..

Remya r Presently working at technopark,TVM. R.S.K is something great....... I Miss all my friends. 5 STAR GROUP(VIDYA, DIVYA, BRINDA, ANU) ...WHERE R U...I MISS A LOT

Roshna Those days in RSK.. Are the BEST DAYS IN MY LIFE.. SWEET MEMORIES, would be cherished forever..

S.aberamasundari rsk is the best

Safia banu Miss u a lot RSK!!!

Sajish kumar. a.c i am final year civil engineering student at NIT-BHOPAL,

Santosh.a I'm at IITM doing my Chemical Engg. We owe it to RSK for teaching us to be just and fear not ever. RSK is the place to be. The coolest,the greatest and simply the best.

Sathish v RSK rocks man !!!

Sathish.v this is sathish..(jjcet-mech).rsk is the BEST

Satishkumar.p I wish those days would come again.

Senthil kumaran.s. its a wonderland, i am a part of it, i am so proud of it. I feel PROUD to be an rskite,Do You????

Shari kurian Missed the school days

Shiva prakash p RSK-The place which gave me everything

Shyamsundar s Business Development Manager in an IT Firm in India

Sisy john most of the MYSTERIES makes us WONDER but R.S.K 's HISTORY gives a THUNDER ....i'm doing my bsc NURSING in SAVEETHA DENTAL COLLEGE,CHENNAI. i miss rsk a lot

Siva prakash.s RSK is "BETTER than the best(heaven)"

Sivakumar.r doing my 2 yr mechanical eng.. at NIT Trichy."I always thank my parents for giving me a name which has our school in it("R.-Siva.-Kumar")

Sivaprakash.s hi, RSK is a wonderland!!!!!

Sivaraj.m Hi all... the memories of our school days r still there with me..i cant forget my days during my 8th std ( VIII 'E')..i love my school for ever.... im working as Assistant Manager - Mechanical in SPIC...i thank my school for achieving this..

Srividhya s Hai frenz!I'm sri(kutti),i finished my M.Sc(PHY) n now i'm doing B.Ed n JAMMAL..Missing RSK a lot!plz always have a small corner in ur heart to have those sweet memories always,which will always give us a silent smile,which would not be understood by others,but every RSKite can only feel it!!!Missing great legends,bus,tour,baniyan tree,sports day,our common lunch!!!!

Subahan basha I am presently in Surat working for Reliance Industries Ltd. Where ever we are, we will remember our Alma mater R.S.K

Subhashini b RSK has inculcated good discipline and manners in me..i'm always grateful to it

Sudhir s Project Manager in a Leading IT concern in Muscat . RSK plays a major role from my base to the achievements till date . I still cherish the days I had spent in this school. The most memorable one .

Suvin.r studying,ranipet B.H.E.L, i really miss all of u lot .

Vasan raj kumar k studying IV year, B.E. Production technology, MIT, Anna University, Chennai 44; My class was 12 D; ABOUT RSK: In short - THE BEST

Vasumathy tg Currently in Mumbai..RSKite for 3 years but totally loved it.. Of my 8 schools, if asked, .....I am always an RSKite...

Velkan k s Was siiting down and didn't have much to work... suddenly felt the warmthness spread over my Chest.. badly wanted to go back to school.. My school. all I could manage was to open up this webpage... :-(

Velkan raj k.s doing my final yr B.E, R.S.K to me -home away from home..

Velkan raj.k..s. astala vista baby,,,,,,

Venkatachalam v.p. Hi I am doing my engineering at SRM, can those sweet memories be brought back

Victor ivan i hi all, nice to be an alumini of RSK

Vidhya s Hi All, RSK is a place which has given so many memories to cherish and where we imbibed our current value system. "Be just & fear not"- the real essence. I passed out my 10th class in 2000 in "B" section. Still remembering Jesudas sir, Prema mam.. some of my frnds were Supraja, Preethi, Bernadine, Sasikala, Nithya (the list seems endless ;) )

Vijai kumar.k ethistic way to become a student in a temple - buzz cool....

Vijay srinivaas Gone are those old days....Place filled with joy and fun...

Vimal raj.m Admiration of r s k is beyond limits...simply superb

Vinod hi hi hi hi hi

Vinoth.j all rskites just party guys

Vivekanand s I am a Mechanical Engineer working in R&D, Chennai. I am proud to be from RSK

Yamini.r Will those days in rsk come again??sweet memories!!!

Yokesh krishna RSK Best place where our teanage is spent....and those memories are always evergreen to be cherished with:)Miss all those dayzz..Rskties rock always!!!!

Yutha vasanth.j Hi people.. how r u..? I finished my B.tesh and now working as Software Engineer @ ACCORD Bangalore

Zoheb syed I am presntly doing my engineering (electronics and communication) from bangalore. I have studies in rsk for 4yrs and have had wonderful experiences.

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