Alumni of the 1981

b.manikandan We need to grow up guys and learn to keep up time and promises. Respect others priorities and privacy as our own,

Abinaya sri Hey, I studied up to standard 6 at RSK and was shifted to Bangalore.

Akila used to ride the bus route

Alexander hemachandran.g.s Physical therapist at Kuwait oil company Hospital.Left the school after 7th standard.Mrs.Hemachandrans son...I can see the grin on your faces now.Hobbies..singing,playing the keyboard and guitar.wish I had stayed a little longer in R.S.K...Did'nt want to call my mother ...Miss..that's the reason I left.

Anand Can anyone upload class 10 and class 12 group photos of batch 1981 on this website.

Anand: Do anyone know the whereabouts of Mr Anand, who shared the same bench with Jambu, Vaithi?.

Anuradha srinivasan - now at Coimbatore.

Asokan The Big bang theory is nothing but what happens on the night of the marriage.

B. linda I'm the wife of a famous person from your 1981 batch. Throw your wild guess.

B. manikandan ( also known as kundan) tea estate owner in Assam

Babita I'm working as sexy dancer in kodampakkam films.

Beema baskaran what a pity panndi kutty, aathila vilunthavan krishna kutty.

Bhubaneshwari used to come by the REC bus

Bhuvaneswari s I own and run a consulting firm in the US.

Bro patrick Bro Patrick our history teacher, our sports master and RSK boarders hostel warden passed away in April 2015.

D'cruz e A doc by profession. At school I was known as a sprinter with scores of victories in 100 mts and 200mts dash if you recall. I was also the School People Leader (SPL). I belonged to Bosco house. Babu master was the teacher in charge of Bosco house.

Dcruz e psychiatrist in london. was the school captain for 2 years during 1980-1981

Desikan No word since REC Surat, now National Institute of Technology

Dr head swollen renganathan On any dead person's Tombstone I'll write my C.V. I'm in love with myself and I'm greatest living being on earth .

Dr kal I consider best human on this planet with the top IQ. I simply love to misuse this alumni page to brag about myself by posting my latest resume. That comprises of number of books I wrote and how I sold myself lately to the Americas for Green Card and ditched India and my first house on the American soil. My glossy lifestyle on the land of opportunity.

Dr. kal renganathan sharma pe Professor at SASTRA Deemed University, Thanjavur. My publication list, includes two textbooks, 352 accepted, refereed conference papers, 52 preprints on the Chemistry Preprint Server, 8 journal articles. Chi. R. Hari Subrahmanyan Sharma, born on Adikirthigai day, is turning three this week, August 13th 2004. My third book is nearing completion. Damped Wave Transport and Relaxation is set to be released by Elsevier, Netherlands later in 2005. The second book is on Lecure Notes in Computational Molecular Biology and the first on Fluid Mechanics and Machinery. URL:

Dr. kal renganathan sharma pe Another book contract from Prentice Hall of India has arrived. This is my 5th book. The book titles are; i) Fluid Mechanics and Machinery, Anuradha Agencies, Kumbakonam, ii) Lecture Notes in Computational Molecular Biology, SASTRA Press, Kumbakonam, iii) Damped Wave Transport and Relaxation, Elsevier, Amsterdam, iv) Principles of Mass Transfer, Prentice Hall of India, N.Delhi, v) Introduction to Bioinformatics - Sequence Analysis and Probability Models vi) Outlines of Nanotechnology, Anuradha Publishers, Kumbakonam

Easwar sagar Used to share the first bench with Nagarajan and Renganathan in XI

Elizabeth Good day to the world and have a pleasant and memorable life at our 50 years of age.

Elizabeth: She was a thin lean girl who shared the same desk in class with Gayathiri. She was a very quiet and observant person. Where is she now is unknown.

Elvin d cruz England ,psychiatrist. Hope you all remember me. I was the school captain in 1980/81 and a national athlete in my hay days. 14 happy years at RSK and hope those who knew me will get in touch.

G.i. johnson Now Canadian citizen, settled in Toronto and working as Income/Excise Tax Collector-Government of Canada. Left india in 1996 after MBA(Bharathidasan Institute of Management), Senior Personnel Officer (BHEL), Marketing Executive(Hindustan Computers Ltd-Delhi). Still my best passion is for singing and music and someday hope to cut an album with cine music directors.

Gayathri She was a pretty hot miss Iyer then, excellent in studies and stage plays and have contributed immensely for school cultural nights in all of the stage plays written and directed by her classmate & playwright Sivamani Muru. Where is she now is a fact unknown but to all those who knew her bears pleasant memories of this versatile personality. Gayathri, certainly did leave permanent imprints to last all times.

Gayathri r Hey guys, here are my whereabouts. I live in the land down under (in Sydney) and have been since 1991. In between leaving school and the present, I did my Chem Engg, worked at BARC, got married, moved to Oz, had a kid and did lots of other weird and wonderful things. I have heard a lot about the others through Lachu and Karthi (Karthikeyan Laxman). I hope RSK is as good as it used to be when I was at school. Would love to hear from you all.

Govind prasad Hi friends, I studied in RSK from the Vth to the VII standard. I used to travel from Thillainagar in the BHEL bus alongwith Vaithilingam, Veeresh Babu. I remember old friends like Suresh, Alexander, Elizabeth, Gayatri,Manjunath, Rangalaxmi Nagalingam, Jambulingam,Mridula. I always topped Hindi (failed everythingelse) and used to sing Hindi songs ( sometimes, if I recollect correctly, with Manjunath). on stage. Amazing school, the culture of civvies on Saturdays, merit cards, organised elections etc can beat the present day international schools hollow. I joined the indian army and left after 23 years, Settled in Bangalore. Email ID is Phone No 9731592573. Would like to connect with friends. Love you all.

Grace mehtil aruna prabakar working in telecom industry, highly mawkish about my days at school

Irene clara Kindergaten to higher secondary at RSK

Jagannathan. r I am a Dentist working in Minnesota USA. I would love to be in touch with RSK class mates. I am currently in touch with Napolean Devarajan

Jambu also affectionately called jambo jet Engineer. Painter at leisure, contributed a lot to school magazine.

Janani Satyha Sayee babha devotee

Janani : She was the snow white of 1981 batch, soft spoken and a strong saibaba devotee. she was as gentle as the breeze. Her whereabout is unknown.

Johhnson Melodious Voice

Johnson. gi: A singer at leisure and singing like KJ Jesudas is my pleasure, My fans of my singing are my treasure that's for sure, I assure.

K. suresh Baxter Medical, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Kal renganathan sharma I purchased my first home at Cypress, Texas. It is 20 miles from Houston city and 20 miles from where I work. In summary, I have authored 9 books, 18 journal articles, 487 conference papers and 108 other presentations. I have instructed about 2400 students in 76 semester courses in India and USA.

Kamala ravikumar chartered accountant practising in Gobichettipalayam

Karthikeyan.n hey

Kisha mehta (kishal rao) Currently in NY. Studied at RSK from 5th to 7th std before moving back to Mumbai, but the memories of Montfort brothers, assemblies and everything else are a very important part of my childhood.

Kishal rao (no desc)

Lily.t Doctor practising at Aralvoimozhi(K.K. Dist). I can never forget life at RSK.

M.c. eswar sagar I am working as Sr.Manager at Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd, Koraput ,Orissa. Married, one son. I left RSK in 1980 after completing XI

Manisa gorrilla Elephants take 20 months to delivery its baby. and have you heard one mother elephant telling its kid on anger that I held you in my stomach for 20 long months.

Manja mak khan Emputtu naala kangalay. Paya pullaikala nalla eki kala, Amputu thaan.

Manjunathan also known as manju kunchu Working for a Hungarian Company in Iceland and married a icelander. Like to hear from buddies.

Maythaavi Do any one have any idea where maythaavi of 1981 batch is?

Medhavy t t Left RSK in 1976 after finishing 7th standard, currently Director, Science and Strategy, National Earth Observation Group, Geoscience Australia in Canberra, Australia. Married with two children. It was awesome to meet R Gayathri after 30 years, we talked about the fun years at RSK and remembered all classmates from 7th. Please get in touch if you remember me.

Medhavy t t Left RSK in 1976 after finishing 7th Standard, currently Remote Sensing Specialist at the Australian Centre for Remote Sensing in Canberra, Australia. Married with two children. It was awesome to meet R Gayathri after 30 years, we talked about the fun years at RSK and remembered all classmates from 7th. Please get in touch if you still remember me.

Mohan babu t COO & Board of Director JSW Steel Italy. Lives in Italy with my Wife. We have 2 Sons. Both are in Bangalore. First son is in IT and got married a year back. Second one in Media. 1981 batch is versatile batch in studies, in sports, in Cultural activities and also Social helps. I still remember in our tenure RSK won the District hockey championship and Iím proud to be the part of the team. I remember everyone. Iím sure of meeting all of you post Covid by 2021 completing 40 years at RSK. Iím eager to establish communication.

Mridula velichaety I live in Dallas Texas and work for a Telecom Company

Murali.r left rsk after 7th std in 1976... at present working in BHEL Trichy as Deputy Manager. I remember Elwin D'Cruz, Sivamani, Veeresh Babu, Kamala kannan, Medhavy,Alex, Napolean, Anand, Usha, Gayathri, Nagarajan, Akila, Veeresh Babu, Subbiah, Sekaran, Muthukumar, Renganathan and many more. I am in constant touch with Jambu. I cherish those glorious moments in rsk. Eagerly waiting for your replies.I met Alex brother at KMC hospital,Trichy.

N. p. sridhar Used to be a popular in the daily school bus route

Nagarajan Last seen in University of Alabama, USA

Napoleon devarajan Hi! I am an Ophthalmologist working in Carmarthen, Wales, UK. I have been in UK since 1993. Did my MBBS at Thanjavur , D.O at Madras and MRCO in UK. I was the skinny chap with the buck tooth and my only fame to note probably was some paintings I managed to do for the class magazines. I used to hang around with Subra( R V Subramanyam - now a Dental college principal in Andhra), Jags( Jagannathan - now a Dentist in USA) 'Kadukkan' Suresh( must be in USA somewhere) and Srinivasan( Last I heard was an Engineer at Neyveli). Do remember a lot of my other friends as well. Recently spoke to Renga(USA). Met Mirdhula and Kishal in the States. Some of the teachers including Rajagopal and Kathiresa Pandiyan, I used to see when I went to Trichy. Wonder where Miss( probably not Miss anymore) Innocentia is now. Remember Beulah Miss ? - made me sit next to the girls( next to Anuradha to be more precise) as punishment for a class prank( which I actually didn't do!) - at that time I hated her( Bealah Miss that is) but thinking about it now brings a smile to my face!

Natesan c (no desc)

Natesan. c : I work for Precision Motors in Chennai as a Managing Director right now. I was a boarder at RSK up until 1981and I still treasure those Golden Memories and the time well spent with my classmate Sivamani Muru, Ramanathan and Nagarajan.

P. t. rema Hobby -

Pukimah konek Married to a Malaysian, Living in Lorong Haji Taib Luxury Apartment, Kuala lumpur. Like to hear for love.

R. v. subramanian Hobby - Painting

R.kamalakannan I am currently working in Singapore for a US based Billing and Customer Care company as a Regional Manager (APAC) for Tech. Support Services. It was a great 14 years experience studying and passing out from RSK. Did my B.E (Electrical & Electronics engg) from Indian Institue of Science, Bangalore having passed out in 1988. Would like to stay in touch will all my batch mates who passed out in 1981


Raj s Marine Engineer, Learning Architect, Instructional Designer

Raj s (sundaram) Presently in Chennai. After School studied in Calcutta and proceeded to sea. Sailed as a Merchant Navy Officer for 12 years. Presently a design consultant for marine machinery manufacturers. Wife, a nutritionist. One son. Enjoy travelling, eating out, trekking, rock climbing.

Raja whereabouts -

Rajaraman p Working for Igloo in Houston USA. Studied 12 B Commerce Group with SN Rajan, S Ramesh, Ramesh Kurrup, Sajji Abraham, Shivamani Muru, Johnson Fernandez, V Sriram, C Ashok, R Kannan, S Kumar, Kushal Jain, Arogiadas Stephen, Meena, Kamala, Yamuna, Kripa, Jayalakshmi, Jagadesh, Sherley,

Rajesh bekal Left school in 1976 when studing in 8th,batch mates shivamani,alexander,gayathri,sheela,jumbo,muthukumar to name a few, my contact,now in sharjah U.A.E as Manager maintenance.guys let us keep in touch.

Rama v I was in RSK between the 5th and 8th stds.. great years. Have been trying to track Anuradha , Janani, Renganathan, Dilnaz, Usha for years. travelled ffrom Thillainagar by bus before I left for Delhi. Am currently in Kochi.. joined the Indian Revenue Service. Would love to hear from all of you. Think Basketball, high jump, Miss Beulah, Kadiresapandian sir, Bros John and Stephen. Bont see Sudha's name here either

Ramamathan so Civil war has broken in Libya, Tens and Thousands of Indians working in Tripoli are vacating.

Ramanathan (neerkupai guy) M.Sc ( chemistry), working in Muscat. Another Kannadasan in me inspires to write poetry.

Ramanathan s working as Marketing Manager in Tripoli, was a boarder, memorable days at RSK, Served as LDA Secretary and LDA President.....

Ramani REC Trichy

Ramesh, s Norwood, Massachusetts, USA

Rameshkumar sitaraman Associate Professor, Computer Science, University of Massachussets, Amherst, MA, USA

Ranjana m Hi friends, I'm Ranjana. At present, I'm working in

Ranjana m Hi friends, I'm Ranjana. I studied in RSK from 5th to 8th Std. I'm a teacher in Thalassery, kerala. I had a great time in RSK.

Rema pt Am at Chennai, heading the Talent Acquisition piece in a It company, Anyone from our batch attending the RSK Golden jubilee celebrations...???

S nagarajan Glad to see the RSK website. Neat to read about lot of old friends. I was boarder. Love to hear from you - email me.

S.n.rajan Am in Mumbai. Into stocks.Was in Commerce group.

Sai geeta Used to drive a bicycle

Sai geetha deivasigamani presently iam a practicing obstetrician and gynaecologist at trichy my daughter is in 2nd year enineering i love RSK iremember with fondness mrs Barbera PT sir JOESEPH BRO PATRICK days are flying we are middle aged ............yet when I think of school i become a little child i love to hear from you all

Saji abraham Hey This is Saji Abraham was in RSK passed out in 1981,would love to get in touch with you

Shanthi, m Used to sign off on signatures

Sharma Adjunct Professor

Sharma kal renganathan I miss use this oage mean't for alumni to brag about myself for authoring number of books and research papers and I have the nasty habit of posting my latest resume and lately I sold myself to the Americans and got a green card and bought my first house in Texas. I brag, brag and brag till I kick my bucket.

Sheela anne george Working as a Nurse in Dubai, UAE. Used to play Volleyball, Loved my life at RSK.

Shela anne george Currently working as a Nurse in Dubai. Was interested in Volleyball. Loved my School days.

Shirley: Sweet looking girl and was in12B commerce. Rolls her bicycle whilst entering the school campus as a sign of discipline. Soft spoken and very polite to the very core of a good samaritan . Her whereabout is unknown.

Sivamani muru Living in toronto, Canada. Love to communicate with my buddies of 1981.

Sreekala I am at coimbatore,doing private practice,a dental surgeon by profession.i was in the gabriel house ,was an athlete,left school in 1978 and joined st.joseph anglo indian girls higher secondary school.i would love to be in touch with all my classmates.

Srinivasan v What a memorable time it was! Love to hear from friends. Best, Srinivasan

Sriram v (sriram venkataraman) IT Sales, Dallas, US, Hi to1981 Commerce Group batch

Subramanyam r v (subra) Hi Friends. I am Subra...and I had studied in RSK from LKG to 12th standard. Was good at sketching and acting in dramas (skits). Though I was friendly with all, I was close to Napoleon (my best friend and he was the one who told me about this site!), Jagannathan, Suresh, Ranganathan, Raj, Thampy, Yogesh, NP Sridhar, Eshwar Sagar and Srinivasan. I did BDS from Annamalai University and MDS from Nair Hospital Dental College, Mumbai [1990], and I have been in teaching ever since. I am now working as a Principal of a dental college in Andhra Pradesh. My web site is where some of cartoons are also posted online.

Sujatha k presently at Melaka,Malaysia.

Suppiah : I got Married soon after School, and my son too is now married after college and made me a proud and young grandfather ( 2011). To those who have faint memory about me: I'm Suppiah with 95 decibel voice, loud enough to bring down the roof top. After marrying like any other male (in 1982) my voice is down by manyfolds and since then it is been the way of my life.

Suppiah: My son got married and I'm a grandfather now (2011).

Suresh I'm the guy whose father was then running bus services from Thanjavur to Needamangalam., yet my parents choose to put me at the boarding. I was very good at table tennis and I was the center of attraction for the boarders during our dinner break at the table tennis room before we commence our study

Suresh ( also known as narambu weakness ) nedamagalam bus owner guy stationed at tanjavur

Suresh k I just found this site, and feeling a bit wistful with all the memories. I could recollect most of the names, especially those that belonged to the A section, and many of those that stayed from KG till the end. I am currently in Irvine, CA (near LA). I have lived here since 1989. Just for reference - I was the shy guy that used to wear a Kadukan in those days. I was good friends with Renganathan, and used to hand out with Napoleon, Subra (RV), Jaganathan, and NP Sridhar quite a bit. I hope we have a get together that I can attend after the COVID times. Also, I was wondering if anyone heard from NP Sridhar? He used to sit with me in the very first row and shared Hindi movies stories right under the teacher's nose. So many memories!

Suresh k I just found this site, and feeling a bit wistful with all the memories. I could recollect most of the names, especially those that belonged to the A section, and many of them stayed from KG till the end. I hope we have a get together that I can attend after the COVID times. I was wondering if anyone heard from NP Sridhar? He used to sit with me in the very first row and shared Hindi movies stories right under the teacher's nose. So many memories!

Suresh kumar g Hi, I'm Suresh the guy from Malaysia who joined you all in 12 standard. I'm back in Malaysia and would like to hear from you all.

T. vaidyalingam I,m a popular Civil Engineer stationed at Trichy, married to a lady Architect and blessed with a genius son. I'm still witty and naughty as I'm always been.


Thampi a v In Kochi , call : 9447058626 / 9846958626 URL:

Thampi a.v. Technical Manager in Kochi, Mobile : 0 94470 58626.

Usha g Although I can sing the song: when I was a little girl I asked my mamma what I shall I be, but certainly I'm not Usha Kutup. I'm a fan of my classmate sivamani muru's plays. Wow at that age he can really writes his own plays. I remember we winning 1st prize for his Tamil drama in children days competition among schools organized by BHEL.

Vaidyanathan Could have guessed the explosion of engineering colleges from him

Vaithiayalingam consulting civil engineer

Vaithiayalingam ( pet name: vaithu vaalee)l Big time businessman

Veeresh babu.s Iam an Insurance consultant of Life Insurance Corporation Of India based at Trichy.I left RSK in 1978 after completing 8thstd.Right from KG I my classmates were VAITHYALINGAM,KAMALAKANNAN,ELVIN D'CRUZ,USHARAMACHANDRAN,etc,thanks for RSK web site which helped me to meet my very old friend MR.KAMALAKANNAN in Trichy a couple of days ago we vaithy,karthi,&kamalakannan met at Trichy .Once I again I sinerely thank The RSK School management for creting this website

Venkatesh g : -- I remember Ms. Mangalam our class teacher. I am not sure if you all remember me. I used to come from REC along with Bhuvaneshwari, Akila, Ravi, Mahender Singh, Vincent. I remember Yogesh, Sriram, Roy Kurian, A.V.Thambi, Renganathan (smart guy), Vaidhyalingam, Sheela, Anuradha Vijayarangan, Irene and many more. I also remember Br. Monfort, Gabriel, Patrick, Stephen (Princi) Thomas Michael, Drawing/Tamil teacher Subramaniam (I think). I left Asan at the end of 6th and move to chennai. Who can forget the library and elections and ofcourse Bosco, Monfort and Gabriel house and the funny looking house uniforms. I had wonderful memories and sad to know the Monfort brothers have the left the school. I am now an Entrepreneur/Director for a group of companies (including my own) in Boston, USA. Every client meeting I put on a suit and tie - I remember my RSK days where I learnt the tie knot on that ugly green and white tie with green stain spreading on the white bars after several washes.

Vicent jarvis : I left rsk while studying standard 6 and my classmate were Sivamani muru, and jumbu lingam; only a few I can remember as I was only in RSK for 2 years and now I'm a pilot with viva air, taiwan's national carrier. Did my pilot training in Australia, and married my Taiwanese sweetheart Susan lee who was my class-mate in the Australian flying academy. Have 2 (Chindian = Chinese looking Indian) kids, a girl and a boy and both are in college now.

Yogesh k. muthuswamy Living in Durham, North Carolina, working as a Management Consultant.

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