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Hemalata athavle My heartfelt greetings to the Principal, Staff and all the RSKites present on the RSK campus! I finished my 8 th std in pune, and since my father posted to trichuy as an NCC officer. I joined this school in 1975 to complete my 9th and 10th form here. Mine was the first batch of the new 10 URL: 2 pattern. I have fond memories of this school, my teachers, and the high level of education we received. Brother. John Paul was the principal then. I remember meeting him alongwith my father for admission in 9th std. He was very kind and loving. I passed the test which was given to me, and started school immediately. I have spent two best years of my schooling here in RSK. This school has laid the foundation of my life, infusing in me the spirit of sports, studies alike, which stood me in good stead for all these 40 years.I owe my bright academics, and a good successful life to the all round teachings I acquired in this school.

Hemlata athavle My heart felt greetings to the Principal, The staff and all the RSKites presently on the campus! I completed my 8th std. from Pune, and came to Trichy since my father got posted here as NCC officer. I completed my 9th and 10th here. Ours was the first batch of the new 10 URL: 2 pattern of schooling. Brother John Paul was the principal then. I remember meeting him, alongwith my father for my admission. He was very warm and loving. I was given a test paper, which I completed successfully, and started my school on the very same day. I have spent the two best years of my school life on this campus. I owe my good academics to the group of fine teachers I got to learn from. The fine art of sportsmanship, comraderie, discipline laid the foundation of my successful life ahead. Today, after 40 years, this school and the memories keep coming back to give me emmence pleasure. I have been married for the last 30 years to an army officer. Now my husband and me lead a retired life, with my daughter having married and settled down. She has imbibed so many good things form me, which I owe to this school.I reside in Nashik, Maharashtra. Now I would like to join the alumni. Also, I am planning to visit my school in the next few days, and so, I am very excited and looking forward to visiting my school again after all these years!s

Preetha. r hi, I am happy to know that we could get in touch with ex RSKites. do write. I promise to reply

Satishchandra hs he is the brother of hs suresh (class of 1983)

Satyanarayana I remember my RSK years with fond memories as it transformed me into a confident individual. I only studied class 5 ( E Sec) and 6 (Main Branch) along with my sister Chandrika. I currently head an engineering school called R.V.College of Engg in Bangalore. Did my Ph.D at Cambridge UK, in Vacuum Nanoelectornics, worked in Japan, Korea, Kurukshetra Univ, Manipal Univ & as a Scientific Affair Specialist (Adviser) in the US Embassy New Delhi. Would be glad to meet any of the group if you happen to be in Bangalore. The names I recall include Senthil Kumar, Shanta Kumar, Shelly, Sampath Kumar, VV Kumar, Sridhar, Manohar, Nurul Hassan, Satish, Sasihidhar, Sudhakar, Premkumar, Vijaykumar, Vishwanath, Pradeep kumar, Ravindranath, Balamuralikrishna, Bala prakash, Sheela, Rajeswari, Kalaivani, Vidya, Sumathi, P.T.Usha, G.P.Usha, Neena, Ravikumar.

Sree vidhya.g Living at Chennai and working as a CEO for a software firm.

Usha v @Wipro Ltd, Bangalore. Used to travel from Thillainagar, Trichy in the bus. Very fond memories of the school, teachers, bus friends, school friends. Ever green memories. My alma mater.1974-1977

Usha.p.t i am p.t.usha.i am happy to see my name in sankaranarayanans list of classmates along with others.i am running asmall hospital inmalapuram district kerala.will i be able to meet sankar when i visit banglore

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