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Anita paul Dental Surgeon, Ottapalam, Kerala. The memories of my School days are so strong that i can recall most of the day to day events even today. My teachers were my inspiration and I would never have been what I am today without them.This i say from my heart.

Ashok.k.s. Working has Regional Manager in transport organisation.

Bavani dass Since completing school in1976, graduated in 1979. After a brief stint in a multinational, started my own packaging industry and managed the same for 25 years. Now branched out into real estate and am promoting luxury villas in Chennai. My family is my wife and son who is a mgmt graduate and recently moved to US. I am in touch with Ravindran,Usha,Anand, Chandra, Ramanan and Madumati. My number 94443 17488. Look forward to hearing from all.

Chandru Rajam I graduated 30 years ago when students sat for the All-India Higher Secondary School Exam after 11 years of schooling. (I was known to my classmates as R. Chandrasekaran.) Commuted to school from Thillai Nagar; lots of fights and great times in the BHEL school bus. Recall principals like Brothers John-of-the-Cross and Stephen. Recall teachers like Sourirajan (Maths), Pattabiraman (Chemistry), Mr Rajagopalan, Mrs Y Balasubramaniam, Mrs Hemachandran (Biology), Brother Patrick (Athletics). Was delighted to see a picture of Mr Rajagopalan (in the Class of 1986 photograph) and the PT Teacher (far right in same picture). I picked up some e-mail addresses from my class home-page (1976). Let's preserve the best institutions in India. Finally, how about the school itself maintaining an official website (if one doesn't already exist); it can always link to this alumni site. I now live in Washington DC with my wife (Shanthi), daughter (Priya) and son (Harish). Cheers!

G ravindran IndiaI PASSED OUT IN 1976 XI STD ALONGWITH V RAJAN CHANDRASEKARAN R VS VASAN REMA VANI SAVITRI M SALIM ZAREEN A RAVI BV RAMANAN SRIDAR G SEKAR SANATH K SIVAKUMAR BHAVANI SUBBU RAMANATHAN V USHA ANITA PAUL PATTABHI RAMPRASAD AND MANY MORE I USED TO TRAVEL TO SCHOOL FROM THILLAINAGAR in the BHEL school bus we had lots of joint studies at chandra's house in thillainagar RSK has been the best of times really miss u guys I am in the Indian Army for the last 32yrs will be in touch

M.p.ramprasad Remember the great times at RSK! Loved to play cricket and represented the district together with Pattabhi. Undergrad and Grad school in Biochem @ Bangalore and got my Ph.D. in Molecular Biophysics from IISC. Have been in US since '87. Currently reside in San Diego, CA and work in the area of drug delivery of biologics in a biopharmaceutical co. Look forward to get in touch with old classmates. You guys remember Vasan, Rajan, Sridhar--have any contact info? Great institution, great teachers, would love to come visit some time.

Pattabiraman I graduated in 1976 and I have been in the US since 1984. Like to get in touch with ex rsk'ites.

Ramanan b v I left school in 1976 joined REC Trichy. After completing B Tech in chemical engg. I left for Univ. Of Calgary in Canada. I currently own and manage a company at Trichy.Still in touch with RSK. My daughter and son too study there.

Ravi . a i enjoyed my life at RSK and i really miss each and everyone of u.

Sanat kumar k Professor, Chemical Engineering, Columbia University, New York, NY

Venkatasubramanian n. r. Now working with Adobe. He was working with H.P. India earlier.

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