Alumni of the 1974

Balasubramaniam v Director in DSQ Software Private Limited in Singapore.

Morris a.j Better known as John/left RSK in year 8/Melbourne/cricket/hockey/athletics for RSK/Princpal Bro Camallus/other brothers were Bro Monfort/Bro Dominic/bro Augustine....etc

Palaniappan . m Consultant Anesthesiologist at Coimbatore

Palaniappan.m Consultant Anaesthesiologist - Coimbatore, A great school and would like to be back. ABC get togethers are real fun

Samuel davis Hi I am with Ashok Leyland Hosur right now and would like to get in touch

Shivaprasad srikantia Attended for about 6 months before relocating.

Subashini c am currenty in dubai/chennai and want to contact old students who remember me!.mail me e paul, rs mano, ps pillai, devayani and all the others,cheers!

Syed Hi. Anyone remember me? Student from Singapore and Zainab's brother. Some of my classmates:- M.James, K.Surendran, Bittergunda Bernard Joseph, Java Stores Ziauddin, Pandian, P.Rajamanickam, Kareem, Rajkumar,etc.Joined RSK when Bro. Camillus was leaving and Bro. John of the Cross was taking over as Principal. English teacher was Bro.Paul. Tamil teacher was Babu Sir. Chemistry teacher was Mr.Pattabiraman and physics teacher was A.Rajagopal. Used to spend time with some of the guys at Trichy junction at the 25paise Nescafe bars listening to music.Residence was at Mannarpuram. Used to be great in Biology and at dissecting frogs.Had to leave without doing the final exams. Presently, am a businessman shuttling between Chennai, Singapore and Malaysia. My mobile nos. are:- India- URL: 919941157984, Singapore-

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