Alumni of the 1971

Ajay.kanagat i studied in rsk from 67 to 69 devayani sane/vyomkesh dwiedi were batch mates iam now in bangalore.

Ajaykanagat i was with his batch from 1967 to 1969,our batch mates used to be deviyani sane, johny basha our teachers soosai michael , nirmala rajagopalan, merlin nett , l hemachandran, brother augustine and ksrajagopalan. iam now settled in bangalore doing my own buisness.

Geetha balasubramanium (no desc)

Jambunathan.g Hi ! I am Jambu ,passed out in 1971( 11th standard) used to be debator, Hockey player

Krishnan r Professor of Primary Care Medicine, Universiti Malaya,Malaysia

Manohar r.s used to play cricket but was better as a part of the good atheltic team we had then courtesy Bro. Camillus. E.Paul. Currently in Bahrain

Paul eddy Controller - Columbus, OH, USA - Tennis & Music - Great friends who are more than a family - Love to meet anyone from RSK.

Sharada m Live in Bangalore.After 30 years,visited RSK Felt very nostalgic!

Usha r Senior Systems analyst, Ford Credit, Dearborn, Michigan, USA. Used to take part in dance dramas conducted by Babu master

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